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Moving Forward: The Latest and Greatest in Medical Technology

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Want to learn about how medical technology is changing and changing lives? You’re in the right place! Read on to learn more.

Technology is racing in advancements. From self-driving cars, to privatized space races, and the ever more powerful computers in our pockets there are new updates every day.

Medical technology has followed suit with new innovations making the impossible possible and offering new and inventive ways to diagnose and treat a huge variety of diseases.

Here are some of the newest advancements in medical technology.

Telehealth: Immediate Access to Specialists and Faster Diagnosis

With the advancements of technology in machines, doctors have the ability to see into our bodies in totally new and different ways all the time. However, depending on where you live and the capabilities of the facility they may not have a specialist who can read the results of these tests. 

What does that mean for you? Time. The enemy of disease prevention. Your imaging has to be sent to a lab to be analyzed and then the results are sent back. This can add days or even weeks to the process, meaning you lose precious time in treating your illness.

Telehealth has become a solution to this problem. Through a live video feed and secure photo transfers, licensed specialists can review your imaging while you’re in the office and get you an answer the same day. Think of it like computer vision. In addition to speedy diagnosis, this also opens you up to being seen by any doctor in the country or even world.

Without leaving your small town you can get a consult with the top brain surgeon in New York City. 

Bio-Printing: Science Fiction Turned Reality

With the advancements in 3D printing, scientists have been working on bio-printing. This is the act of creating artificial organs, ready for transplant. 

The experiment began as an attempt to regenerate simple skin cells to help victims of severe burns. It has since blossomed into more intricate applications. Scientists have created blood vessels, synthetic ovaries, even a new pancreas. These artificial organs are implanted and then grow to maturity within the patient’s body to replace the malfunctioning original organ.

Fine-tuning this art could mean thousands of lives saved from not having to wait on organ donation lists.

No longer would you have to wait for someone to die in order to live. It’s revolutionary.

Medical Technology Only Continues to Push Forward Into the Future

Doctors and scientists are pushing the limits of what’s possible every day using medical technology advancements in new and imaginative ways. By allowing the work to move forward and continuing to experiment we no longer accept that the traditional ways things have been done are the only way.

These new technologies allow more access, more success in healing, and a greater life expectancy for patients of all doctors. By working together these people are giving more hope to a whole new generation.

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