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MovieBox & SNES4iOS Is Now Working On iOS 8.1 Without Jailbreak

stream movies tv shows with movie box on iphone ipad

Apple patched the date-time exploit that allowed installation of third-party apps from outside the App Store in iOS 8.1 – or so we thought. Through some updates, favorite apps like MovieBox and SNES4iOS are now confirmed working on iOS 8.1 on iPhone 6, iPar Air / Mini, and all other supported iOS devices.

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Update: Download MovieBox for iOS 8.1.1. There’s a separate link for it.

Update x2: Try these links as well:


Update x3: Check our latest post on MovieBox 3.2.

Initial reports correctly claimed our favorite movie and TV show streaming app stopped working on iOS 8.1 due to a date-time hole fixed by Apple. It also stopped apps like GBA4iOS, SNES4iOS, and other similar out-of-App-Store apps, from working at all.

Thankfully, and we do not know why yet, some of these apps have started working again. The interesting thing is that they do not even require the use of the inconvenient ‘change the date to a month earlier’ trick. You just download the app, and it works out of the box.

stream movies tv shows with moviebox on iphone ipad

Case in point: MovieBox can be downloaded directly from Click on the highlighted green button to download and install it.

We have discussed the app in a separate post, but we will summarize it anyway: MovieBox allows you to stream and download movies and TV shows in variable qualities so you can adjust based on your connection speed. You can also save certain movies and TV shows as your favorites to make them easy to return to, see recent downloads, make a watch list a la Netflix, and more! It’s rather powerful for a free, out-of-the-App-Store app!

We have not tested this ourselves, but we really do not need to since we have seen several reports of it working on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6 on iOS 8.1.

Sidenote: SNES4iOS Is Also Working!

snes4ios working on ios 8.1

We have also seen reports of SNES4iOS – the most popular SNES emulator for iOS – working on iOS 8.1 without jailbreak without date-time exploit requirements!

We will be snooping around to see if (and hopefully when) other emulators like NDS4iOS, and GBA4iOS start working on iOS 8.1.

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    1. Hi gabrielismous, do u get moviebox works on ios8.1? i recently jus updated it but does not get it to work “Movie box cannot be downloaded at this time”…. Pleasse help…

        1. i download it from there, used to work stopped since yesterday and now cannot download. any solutions?

          1. Weird but true… I uninstalled my app and won’t install again… If I know something new I let you guys know 🙁

  1. It worked, but then I had it deleted and then later tried to download it again and it said it was unable to install? I even tried restoring my iPad..

    1. Delete The old version reboot and install the new one, it’s working for me and I am in 8.1, nothing I can’t do about the adverts sorry guys

      1. Hey guys, moviebox stop supporting older iOS devices so now there is another movie app

    2. Erase all settings that download doesn’t work on 8.1 then go to Danish weebly in safari down load that. Then open Danish movie box is there and will install. They have several other cool apps as well. This is for Non Jailbroken phones. Make a donation to Danish if you can even $1 helps them stay up and running!!

  2. Well I think if your going to publish information like this you should at least confirm it your self befor telling everyone it works. Clearly not a post with valid results.

      1. Yeah, mine stopped working too. I cannot download. I updated to iOS 8.1.1 and again it’s not working

  3. It was working for my iPad AIR IOS 8.1. but unfortunately it start crashing. I then uninstalled it . But now it is not installing . Shows error that unable to install plz help .

  4. Please help I can’t get it to even start downloading I have ios8.1 and I took all the steps you guys said

  5. I’m looking for an NES emulator for my jailbroken iPhone 6+ on 8.1, I have a snes emulator that runs great, can anyone help?

  6. is not working on either iOS 8.1 or iOS 8.1.1 any other links you’ve got?

  7. I have a iPhone 6plus iOS 8.1.2. Movie box was working fine but, then all of a sudden it wouldn’t open. I deleted the app and attempted to reinstall it. I now keep getting the error code that movie box could not be installed at this time. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

  8. Tried to download Moviebox on my iPhone 6 plus. Can someone plz help me? The old links and pwds are not working

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