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Move to iOS Backlash – Apple’s Android Application

Move to iOS Backlash

Yesterday marked Apple’s first officially aggressive move into Android territory when they released their first Google play store app in the form of “Move to iOS” along with iOS9. This application was aimed at encouraging Android users to switch over to iOS devices by allowing them to complete the transition easily. However, its reception was rather critical and a Move to iOS backlash was seen against the application.

Not unexpectedly, Android users were not pleased by Apple’s attempts at entering the Android market with the intention to secure a portion of its consumer base. The app was bashed and a public backlash was seen in the play store comments section and it also received abysmal reviews. Android users took to their keyboards criticizing not only Apples attempts at “converting” android users but all their other products as well. Calling out iPhones to be “Lethargically slow”, “Overpriced” and with some going as far as to call Apple “the north Korea of companies”.

Most of the reviews were laden with satire and ridiculed not only Apple’s products but also their customer base, referring to them as “iSheep” for their unyielding loyalty to the brand.

Here is a selection of some of the best reviews.

.Akshat Singh  : 1 star

  “Kim Jon-Un If Apple was a country it would be North Korea. Looks like Apple wants to attack our freedom and control everything we do on our phone and also charge us a bomb for it in this process. Thank you very much for trying this cheap tactic but I am very satisfied where I am and what phone I am using. Now you can go ahead sulk and try this on iSheeps which I am sure will definitely surrender to you. Peace. ✌”


.Udhab KC : 1 star

“Stay Away from this app unless you are ready to live rest of your life without one kidney. I installed it on my new Xperia M4 Aqua dual and it suggested me to buy two iphone6 plus since i’ve been using dual sim handset. Not worth it.”

.Robert Kirsch : 1 star 


“I’d rather be shot in the face Then switch to a closed, controlled environment. Apple will be the next BlackBerry in a few years. If you use this app, then you deserve to pay more and get less. Apple would never allow this on their communist environment. Google is too accomodating to isheep.”

Although it has received some positive reviews from users claiming to have no bias, the general trend seems to be against the application. With exactly 4696  1 star reviews against the 1167 5 star reviews as of yet the average rating of the app hangs around 1.8. Whether or not Apple expected, and in turn prepared for this backlash is yet to be seen.

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