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Move to iOS, Apples first Android application? Nope

Android Application

Apple marked its entry into android territory with the release of “Move to iOS”, presumably their first android application which surprised many android, as well as Apple users. However some detective work from online sources shows that the Android application is merely an Apple repackaged version of an older data transfer app called “Copy my data”.

The source code of the “Move to iOS” app shows that the package name is package=”” while the android name is android:name=”com.mediamushroom.copymydata”. Media mushroom being the company that developed “Copy my Data”. It gets better as that is just the beginning, it appears the two applications share a plethora of code, with “Move to iOS” obviously getting a lot of ‘inspiration’ from “Copy my data”. The people over at Apple went as far as changing the UI and adding a little Apple related artwork to the app, otherwise leaving it as is. Considering the fact that Mushroom Media already has two distinct apps available on both of the platform’s stores, it is safe to assume that Apple purchased the rights to “Copy my data” from the parent company.

The Android application first teased in June hit the Google play store concurrent to iOS9’s release. Soon after its release the app received bashful reviews getting over 4000 -1 star ratings in the initial few hours, with the number being closer to 18,000 now. The app was generally met with skepticism and scorn from existing android users who went out of their way to bash both Apple products and its users

“Why move to Crapple? I’m not a fan of locked down OS and a device that ran out of ideas years ago. I like an OS that leads the way and not one that keeps trying to re invent the wheel.” -Mids Para: 1 Star

“Just stop Apple. We’re not stupid like your iSheeps. Why the hell would we want to switch to iPhone??” – effective. Power: 1 Star

Although some Android users were happy with the application considering the fact that it has close 3700- 5 star ratings the question remains whether this was the right move by Apple. Comments on blogs frequented by Apple users criticized the landslide of negative reviews, calling out Android users to be “haters” who had never even tested the app’ and gave it 1-star ratings simply because it was an Apple application. Although this holds true to some extent the entirety of such a huge backlash cannot be attributed to brand rivalry. Whatever the case is the revelation that the application is most likely a rebrand will not help its case.

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