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Movavi Video Converter Review: Converting .MOV to .MP4

Video Converter

Movavi Video Converter

Anyone who has ever used an Apple device to download or stream videos knows just how difficult things can be when transferring the video file to any other device other than iOS devices. Additionally, iOS devices use the .mov format, something you wouldn’t see on any other device.

Here is the thing – most of your devices can only recognize a few popular video formats – and nearly all recognize the .mp4 format, which makes it the most popular.

If you have a different output file on your Mac, how do you transfer it to your other device and make it recognizable? How do you get it to play a .mov file?

Come Movavi

The MOV format is quite a popular one when it comes to videos but isn’t compatible with any Android or Windows devices. In order to see these videos, the user has to download a special app that will allow them to play the video.

MP4 is one of the most popular video formats and works on all kinds of devices, including the ones by Apple. Thus, one can always make use of a MOV to MP4 converter to play videos on their Android, or Windows devices.

If you’re planning to get a software that converts MOV to MP4 videos, Movavi Video converter could be the one for you. Here’s the full review to figure whether you should go for this software.

Features That You Will Love

Movavi Video Converter can be used to convert MOV to MP4 videos to watch the videos incompatible with Android and Windows devices. What’s more is that the vice-versa is also possible with this software. Its features are:

  • Setup with a single click: The software can be set up with the click of a button. All you have to do it is download to your device and click on Install.
  • Convert videos with the speed of light: You can convert your videos to any format you want to, however, the default format is MP4. The conversion takes place rapidly and finishes in a matter of minutes even for a big file.
  • Improve the quality while conversion: The software allows you to edit the video, play around with the sound, and more before the conversion. Thus, you can compress the video in size and even improve its quality before converting.
  • Free of cost: Most of the conversion software available today comes with a price tag. However, the Movavi Video Converter is available free of cost and will convert your MOV to MP4 in no time at all.

How Do You Convert Videos?

The process is simple, and these few tips will help you get more from your Movavi experience.

  1. Install the software: Run the downloaded file on your device and click on Install to setup the software.
  2. Open a file: Open the MOV file from your device that you want to convert to MP4 by clicking on the Add Media button and selecting Add Video under it.
  3. Edit the video: Movavi Video Converter allows you to play around and edit your video before conversion. You can simply click on the Edit button and use options like Stabilization, Audio, Adjustments, and more on your video.
  4. Compress the original file: If your video is too large, you can compress it by entering the desired size and quality in the output information. Click apply.
  5. Select the output format for conversion: The default format of the output is MP4 but several other options like WMV, AVI, etc. are also available.
  6. Click Convert: Click on the Convert button to start the conversion of the file.


Looking to make conversion simpler and enjoy everything in MP4? Look no more. Movavi Video Converter is the perfect MOV to MP4 converter for your PC and Mac and offers you your desired video output in a matter of minutes.

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