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Most Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Trends in Dallas

diamond Diamond engagement ring

Like every other trend, keeping up with the trends of all of the different engagement rings that are in the now could be kind of hard, and – especially if you are going ring shopping for the first time, it tends to be overwhelming since you wouldn’t know where to start. There are a lot of Dallas diamond rings options that you could choose from that could give you a lot of options for the most popular diamond engagement ring trends in Dallas, here are some of them:

What diamond shape looks biggest?

If you want to make the diamond that is perched upon your ring look bigger, you could get a diamond shape that is round since it is not really deep compared to the other shapes and it could really reflect how it may look to the naked eye. You could also go for oval shapes because they are elongated, making it seem like they are bigger no matter what carat weight they may be. 

With those 2 shapes in mind, the shape that you are going to have to avoid is the cushion-shaped diamonds because they are deep, so you won’t really get to see a lot of the other carat weights since they are hidden.

What is the most common engagement ring size?

The average size that people prefer to buy in terms of the carat weight of their engagement ring would have to be around 0.6 carats. The desire to get a higher carat weight in engagement rings would have to be because of social media, but there are always going to be ways that you could make it appear bigger despite the carat weight of the diamond.

What is the prettiest diamond?

The sparkle of the diamond is what draws a lot of people to the stone. When the light hits the stone and the light refracts, it causes everyone to swoon at how beautiful the ring could look. In order to achieve this sparkle, you have to be completely aware of the kind of brilliance your diamond would have to get the sparkle you want the ring to have. 

The ring that has the most sparkle would have to be the round brilliant cut since the light would enter the stone better because of the 58 facets that it has, effectively reflecting the light off of each and every facet that is found in the diamond. This cut was designed specifically for this. 

The cuts that are close to the sparkle that the round brilliant brings are the princess, cushion, and radiant cut, but there are so many other cuts that you could choose from. You just have to know what you are trying to achieve and go from there.

What is the most popular engagement ring style?

1. Diamond Solitaire

The solitaire design is something that has been favored for a while now, attracting people because it is simple, not overly flashy, and not as expensive as all of the other designs. It allows the diamond to really have the spotlight because it is the centerpiece of the ring and has a lot of shape options when it comes to the cut of the diamond. 

2. Pave Setting

If you want to show off a little and cover the whole ring with diamonds, then the Pave Setting could be a great option for you since you are going to get a whole row of diamonds, making your ring sparkle a lot more. 

3. Three Stone Ring

Extravagant and Gorgeous are two words that you could use to describe the ring perfectly. The Three Stone Ring has a large diamond as a centerpiece with 2 other slightly smaller diamonds gently resting on either side of the centerpiece. The cut that they usually use for these diamonds is the Princess cut, and you would also have the option of choosing colored diamonds for the side pieces.

4. Halo Rings

There is a diamond centerpiece surrounded with smaller diamonds is what the Halo setting is, making the diamond that is in the center looks a lot bigger than it actually is. When you are working with this setting, you really have to be crucial on what kind of cut you are going to use for the diamonds.

5. Bezel Settings

The Bezel Setting is a newer setting that has been floating around, and this is a great choice if you are going for a cleaner and more modern look since the beautiful diamond centerpiece is being surrounded (and in a way “protected”) by metal so if you have an active lifestyle, this setting would be great.

Trends pop in and out, especially in the fast-paced society that we have right now. And going ring shopping could be very confusing.  There are a lot of options that you could choose from to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

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