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Most Beneficial Ways to Make a Parking Lot Safer

Parking Lot Light

Parking lots are riskier than we would like to believe. With so many people coming and going, you can never be sure about anyone. However, there are ways to make the space a little safer for the people around.

Most of the violent crimes occur in a parking lot as the area is too big. It is especially dangerous in not-so-busy hours. Having peace of mind and making the parking lot safer for people who use it should be the topmost priority.

If you are looking for ways to help you feel more secure, you have to the right place. This article will guide you regarding some of the ways you can employ to achieve a good level of security.

1. Light it Up

We cannot emphasize the importance of having ample lighting in a parking lot. If there is inadequate lighting, the chances of something terrible happening will drastically increase, and you definitely don’t want that.

Getting your hands on some parking lot lights, such as shoebox lights for parking lots, from lepro.com is a perfect solution to your problem. These lights will not only add a safety layer to the parking lot, but they will also make it easier for the drivers to navigate properly.

There are reports that people avoid using parking lots with lousy lighting because they make them feel at risk. This is not an ideal situation for the business near the parking lot. So, light the area with proper lights and minimize the risk factor.

2. Install CCTV Cameras and Surveillance

Security Camera Image Source: ElasticComputeFarm

Implementing a CCTV system allows you to keep an eye on activities in your parking spaces effectively. Cameras are among the instruments that may significantly increase the effectiveness of your security guards. Employing only video monitoring is insufficient on its own. To be productive, the cameras must be monitored constantly and supervised.

Suppose there is no guard intervention to suspicious conduct, such as peeping into car windows or discretely observing people’s movements. In that case, it is clear that CCTV is not being monitored. That’s the go-ahead for people who are there for causing trouble.

3. Make Smart Use of Signs

Parking Lot Sign Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay 

You should use signs for two main reasons, one being helpful and the other as a warning.

You should always be clear with the directions to the parking lot exit. Hundreds of people get confused while navigating towards finding the exit of the building. You should install signs that guide the users where they should head next and how they will find the exit. Your signs should be clear and precise. You can also install a parking lot map for assistance.

The second reason for which you should use signs is a source of warning. When signs indicate that the area is under heavy surveillance, criminals are less likely to attack their victims. When they know their every move is being watched, they become self-aware and don’t make a move to avoid any repercussions.

4. Make Pathways to Walk On

Crosswalk Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

You don’t want a speeding car harming a pedestrian. To make the surroundings even safer, it is crucial to keep the criminals at bay and ensure everything moves smoothly without any issues.

Properly placed and designed pedestrian pathways make people more conscious of traffic on foot, keeping people protected. Furthermore, it discourages people from flowing across traffic and causing interference with motor traffic. When a pathway passes across traffic, pavement design, materials, or elevation differences might be applied to notify the drivers.

5. Have Physical Security Present

Security Officer

No matter how good your surveillance is, there are always scenarios that need quick action, and security guards present inside the parking lot can be a better option. These guards are easily approachable, and they add to the sense of security among people. A positive physical presence can make the environment a lot better.

Security guards can provide adequate help to needy customers. They can help people find the right way and provide the protection they need to feel safer.

There are always more ways to keep things safer, but you can start with the smaller ones and make a big difference. Use the tips above to ensure safety in the parking lot and maintain business as usual.

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