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More About Electric Skateboards And How They Work

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Electric Skateboard

An electric skateboard, also referred to as an e-board, Esk8, or e-skateboard is driven by an electric motor and can break or accelerate self-reliantly. The electric skateboard is highly similar to a standard longboard or skateboard (longer and more stable skateboard). Like those, you can view here.

The most significant variance between them is the braking and acceleration feature. With an electric skateboard, it’s not necessary to kick push the board to move forward. That is the function of the electric motor that drives you. Also, e-boards can break without having to slow down using your foot. A trigger is pulled on the remote control to slow down the electric skateboard.

How Does An Electric Skateboard Operate?

For you to operate an e-board safely, you must first understand how it works. The initial motorized skateboards were gasoline-powered and manufactured in the seventies. The motor-driven skateboard today is electrically driven and has a much more attractive and sleeker appearance. They look very similar to a traditional skateboard; however, when inspected underneath, you’ll notice the electric motor and battery. An electric skateboard Australia comes with remote control. When the trigger on the remote is pulled, the throttle is opened to transfer the data through electromagnetic waves to the ESC (electronic speed controller) of the board. When you wish to pick up speed with the controller, The ESC transfers the information coming from the Bluetooth receiver and generates the appropriate amount of energy from the battery to the electric motor. The power coming from the battery is transferred to the motor which subsequently drives the e-board forward.

An E-Board Consists Of Three Types Of Components:

  • Electric components
  • Mechanical components
  • Basic components

Additional Components That Can Be Added To the E-Board:

  • Lights

You can opt for white LED headlights and red LED taillights.

  • Nose Guard

Nose and tail guards can be bought separately to offer protection against damage. They are manufactured from plastic and are available in various colors and shapes.

  • Additional Battery

Some e-board models have a removable battery. This means you can ride until the battery is empty and then replace it with a full-charged battery. Most boards are equipped with only one battery. An extra battery can come in handy if you don’t have the chance to charge the board very often.

  • Wheel Guards

If you’re driving in the rain, it’s recommended to purchase mudguards to be added to the electrical skateboard. With wheel/mudguards, your clothes, shoes, and pants won’t end up wet, dirty or muddy after riding in the rain.

  • Rain Wheels

You can now also buy a specialized wheel that is designed for riding on wet pavement or when it rains. For instance, Harfang wheels are designed to redirect water away from the electric board’s wheels.


The electric skateboard is a fresh state-of-the-art method of local transportation without causing damage to the environment. Due to the progression in technology, competing companies, and product volume, electric skateboards have come down significantly in price and they gain more popularity by the year.

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