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I am a big fan of the theory of productivity, and how you can use said theories with productivity hacks, tips, tricks, and ‘secrets’ to maximize output with minimal input. One such tip – among my favorites, really – is Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret which I will explain after the jump, in connection with Momentum app for iOS.

Seinfeld’s Productivity Secret

momentum jerry seinfeld ios widget

Jerry Seinfeld is a pretty famous comedian. You may have heard of him if you are a fan of TV shows, particularly comedy sitcoms. Back in the 90s and early 2000s, Seinfeld was a popular sitcom starring – you guessed it – Jerry Seinfeld. The show paved the way for Seinfeld’s success and fame.

A few years ago, Seinfeld shared a productivity secret. Great comedians tell great jokes, and the secret to cracking great jokes is writing great jokes, and the secret to writing great jokes is to write everyday.

So, how you form a habit of writing everyday? Or of going to the gym everyday? Spending time with your family? Don’t break the chain!

Keep a calendar, and mark today as the day you pursue your new habit. Then onwards, build the mindset of not breaking the chain at any cost. You keep marking everyday, until you build so much momentum that you feel like avoiding slacking off, working on your good new habit so that you can mark your calendar! Don’t break the chain!


momentum ios widget notification center

That’s where Momentum comes in. It is a habit tracker which is designed to help you create and maintain good, new habits. It comes with a lot of nice little features, but the marquee feature for me is its momentum-tracking Jerry Seinfeld productivity secret-style calendar widget for iOS notification center which shows if you worked on your habit for the past week. If you did, you build momentum. If you don’t, you break the chain! Don’t break the chain!

So yes, check out Momentum on the App Store if you think Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity secret is something you should try to build a great new habit.

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