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MOCAheart Heart Health Monitor


In celebration of the upcoming CES 2017, we decided to repost this article from our last visit at CES 2016.  I plan to drop in on MocaCare to see what’s new and of course, I will share what I learn with our audience here at


The MOCAheart Heart Health Monitor is a small, elegant medical gadget that takes a new approach to monitoring one’s heart health.  It does this by measuring not only your heart rate but also your blood oxygen level, blood flow velocity and serves as an alternative to more mainstream methods of measuring blood pressure. 

No bulky cuffs or stethoscopes required.  MOCAheart combines thumb scans with algorithms to determine important indicators of heart health.  It also provides a measurement on an easy-to-understand 1-5 scale (Low, Ideal, Raised, High or Very High).  They refer to this as the MOCA INDEX. The MOCA INDEX is calculated from blood velocity, which is correlated to blood pressure.  I learned that the faster blood travels through blood vessels, the more pressure the heart is under. So the higher the blood velocity, the higher the blood pressure.  This leads to a higher MOCA INDEX.

By tracking daily trends in your MOCA INDEX, it functions both as an everyday tool to monitor known conditions and as an early warning system.

There are dedicated MOCAheart iOS and Android applications which provide visual graphs of daily, weekly, monthly or annual trends. This provides users with insights about their heart health over time, and also allows them to track progress and changes to lifestyle. The in-app messaging feature enables users to easily share health status updates with their loved ones and their healthcare providers. You can also set reminders to take your readings daily.

MOCAheart also pays attention to convenience and style and offers an iPhone case that allows you to incorporate the MOCAheart Heart Health Monitor into the back of the iPhone case, so it’s always with you.  They also offer a leather keychain option as well.

The company, MOCACARE was established in 2013 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. While at CES I met the developers and received a demo of this elegant smart health device.  Check it out.

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