Mobile Etiquette: What You May Not Know

Mobile Etiquette

Mobile Etiquette

Apple has set itself apart by offering attractive and top quality mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets, these devices have a wide range of use that adds value to our lives. Even though they keep us in touch with our friends, families and entertain us too, mobile devices can cause legion offenses that annoy the people around us if not used thoughtfully. The best thing is that all these devices are designed with features such as silent ring, voicemail and vibrate that help you to handle those moments when your phone is bothering you. Our advice is to ensure you learn to use these features and be aware of mobile etiquette at all times.

A recent study by the Pew research center indicated that there are mixed reviews on when it is acceptable to use a mobile device. For instance, most youths between the ages of 18-29 years believe it is acceptable to use in public places while the elderly generation believes it is unacceptable. However, the fact remains that there are places and times when using a mobile device is totally off-limits. In public places for instance while, at the cinema, library, art gallery or theater, you should always ensure your phone is off or in a silent mode. These are places where silence is desired and a ringtone from your phone can easily distract others.

It is obviously rude to pay more attention to phones than people. Always put away your phone while talking to others or transacting business in a bank, post office or buying tickets. When there is an emergency and you must use your phone, excuse yourself first and then apologize for the interruption.

Apple devices are also designed to support a wide variety of interesting games that keep you engaged even while on the move. Playing these games while walking in the streets is unforgiving and can impede fellow pedestrians. Most accidents in the US have occurred from paying too much attention to phones. It is not wise to wear earphones while on the move.

Whereas some places allow the use of mobile phones, it is wise to control yourself. While on public transport, for example, you need to keep your mobile conversations in low tones. Too loud conversations and ringtones distract other passengers. Even if one loses reception, he or she should refrain and avoid shouting. Use your phone in a manner that does not disturb the other passengers.

In case you are waiting for a very important call while meeting someone, ensure you explain the situation that you will need to take that call. Mobile etiquette recommends you apologize in advance. When taking the call, excuse yourself and move to a private place to receive the call.

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