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Photos Of Apple Watch Sport With Leather Band

apple watch sport with leather band

Are you one of the devout Apple fans waiting to buy the Apple Watch? We’re only a few days away from the unveiling event, but the question of the price still remains. If you’re waiting for the Watch but unable to decide which one you should be pining for (it comes in various design options), here are some photos that reveal how the different bands might look like. Check out photos of the Apple Watch Sport with leather band after the jump!

The pricing factor

Before you jump into the looks, you should understand the different Watch offerings and their price difference. Apple is offering three versions of the watch for sporty, casual and luxury consumers. Of course, the materials used have a say in the pricing of each version.

The sport model, made with aluminum is the base model, and is estimated to cost around $350. The casual stainless steel version is a little more expensive, north of $500. As for the luxury model, the price isn’t very easy to guess. It will be made with gold, so keep at least a $5-10,000 figure in your mind.

UPDATE: We have confirm news that the Standard gold version will go for $8,000, Deluxe for $13,000, and the Omni (12 karat diamond) for a whopping $75,000! Read the story here.

There’s a wide assortment of colors and bands available as well. Making a decision in such a case can be hard. Luckily for you, there’s a website – Mix Your Watch – that lets you see how each band and each color will look in actual life.


With Steel, you can get the Stainless or Space Black color. Aluminum comes naturally in Silver or Space Gray. The luxury model, however, comes in a gold or a rather nice Rose color.

With bands, you have three material options. Fluoroelastomer, Leather and Steel. Each has its assorted set of colors. Here are some photoshopped images to give you an idea of at least how the Apple Watch Sport with leather band looks like.



These are just mock-ups of how the Apple Watch Sport with leather band will actually look like. They’re photoshopped, but they still look pretty neat.

It’s interesting to see that Apple isn’t showing these Bands on the Sport version as yet. This could probably be a marketing tactic to convince people to buy the Stainless steel version. More options with the more expensive model. Marketing at its best.

Speaking of, the Lux version of the Watch (gold and diamond encrusted) looks something like this;

lux watch

What do you think about these color options and Apple’s marketing strategy? Are you planning on buying an Apple Watch? Let’s discuss this exciting new gadget, before it is launched, in the comments section below!

(via WatchAware)

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