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Mix Your Watch: Visualize Apple Watch Dial & Band Combinations

Mix Your Watch

There has been a lot of news related to Apple Watch daily these past few days. Everywhere you look on the internet there is new information and predictions about the Apple Watch. And in the quintessential manner, all viral stories are handled by the internet everyone is riding on the wave that is Apple Watch. Keeping with the tradition of creating websites related to anything that is trending someone has come up with a website, Mix Your Watch, that lets you view all possible combinations that the Apple Watch would be available in.

Mix Your Watch

As the release date for Apple Watch is just around the corner consumers are already weighing the different models that are going to be offered. There are many options for the bands, colours and materials of the Apple Watch and what all these options would look like is a very important factor in selecting the perfect one. Before they buy the Apple Watch people would like to know what the aluminium case would look like coupled with a leather strap for instance. Mix Your Watch is a website to do just that.

The design of Mix Your Watch is really simple but it allows you to view all permutations of the Apple Watch. Visitors have the option to select the case and band for the watch to be generated. There are three cases to choose from which are Steel, Aluminium and Gold (a total of 6 variants). All these case are further divided into 2 colours. Silver Aluminium and Space Grey are two colours that fall under the Aluminium option while the Steel option is offered in Stainless Steel and Space Black Stainless Steel. Yellow Gold Sapphire and Rose Gold are under the Gold Apple Watch.

There are 3 materials that the straps come in and these are Steel, Leather and Fluoroelastomer. The colours for the leather watch are Bright Blue, Bright Brown, Stone, Black, Red, Blue, Brown and Pink. You can get the steel strap in Stainless, Space Black and Milanese Loop. Lastly, the Fluoroelastomer being a ‘sporty’ version is in brighter shades of Green, Pink, White, Black and Blue (making up 16 variants).

Go ahead and give it a try even if you have already made your choice. If you don’t intend to buy an Apple Watch at the moment it still is quite fun to play with Mix Your Watch. Also catch Apple Watch out in the wild and Apple Watch GPS Headphones.

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