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Missing Apple Music Likes

Apple Music Likes

Social media and technology threads were flooded with questions and queries related to how to get your Apple Music likes back. It looks like many of users came across a simple problem when they had upgraded to the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: all their Likes on Apple Music had disappeared. The cute little hearts that decorated their Music Library were gone.

Though the disappearance of likes seems of no significance, it is, in fact, a really vexing thing for many iPhone users as their Apple Music experience had been tailored to fit their individuals tastes and preferences.  Losing all these Likes meant that they had to do everything all over again, which is a very tedious and grating task, one can even be disheartened by doing all of this. However, with just a simple tap of a button everything could be fixed and restored.

Many users were competent enough (a round of applause for these clever few) to figure out how to fix the problem on their own but those who did not will find this article very helpful and it will surely make you realize how simple using the new iPhone truly can be. All you have to do to understand the new iPhone is take some time out, search and understand how it functions. That’s it.

Moving on, to retrieve all your previous Likes, you must first go to Settings > Music, and simply turn your iCloud Music Library on. How will this help? Well, by doing so your device will automatically sync your Apple Music songs, playlists, Likes, etc between this device and all other devices on which you had this feature enabled. Simply switch it on and all your problems will be solved.

The reason why many of the users had trouble figuring the solution out was because most of them had simply assumed that this feature was on by default and would sync as soon as they had signed into their iClouds on their new iPhones. However, as you can clearly see that is not the case and  it must be manually enabled for you to retrieve all your old Likes and such. Simple and easy; proof that the new iPhone is much more user-friendly than its predecessors, and a testament to the fact that the geniuses at Apple had taken everything into consideration.

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