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Minuum 1.4 Adds One-Handed iPhone 6 Plus Keyboard, Other New Features

minuum 1.4 one-handed keyboard mode iphone 6 plus

Minuum is one of the better, more innovative third-party keyboards out there for iOS 8. We covered it several months ago before it was even launched! Now, Minuum 1.4 is a huge update that adds a smorgasbord of new features including one-handed keyboard mode, improved autocorrect, support for keyboard shortcuts, and more. Details after the title image.

minuum 1.4 one-handed keyboard mode iphone 6 plus

I never got around to trying Minuum because, well, I like the free SwiftKey keyboard too much to pay money to try out what is to me an experimental keyboard. My typing uses a lot of Roman Urdu words, and since Minuum warrants using the normal keyboard before using the minimized one to build a library… I would rather just use SwiftKey which has my typing style remembered from 2011 when I used a Galaxy S II.

Anyhow, Minuum 1.4 has added a useful feature for owners of the giant 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus – one-handed keyboard mode. Its horizontally compresses the keyboard to left or right side – based on your preferences – by adding a back-line button. This way, those of you who prefer typing with their thumb or poke with their index finger can do so in style.

Based on reports we have read online, Minuum 1.4’s one-handed keyboard mode is a better experience than the free one-handed keyboards for iOS 8 out there on App Store.

Besides the one-handed keyboard mode, Minuum 1.4 adds these features:

  • Amazing new autocorrect! (for English typers)
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Optional emoji button
  • Lowercase mode
  • Mini landscape mode
  • Key pop-ups on tap
  • Period button

All in all, it should make for a significantly improved typing experience for current Minuum users.

Minuum 1.4 is available as a $0.99 download from the App Store for new users. Current users of it can update to it for free, of course.

Download Minuum 1.4 [App Store]

What do you think of Minuum? Is it worth trying out?

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