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The MindVerse Is Available Live On The Oculus Store


The MindVerse

The long-awaited MindVerse is finally live on the Oculus store. It’s time to grab your headsets and sit back and relax. There are a number of relaxing and meditative experiences for VR head-mounted displays. Augmented reality and virtual reality technologies have come a long way.  They are now capable of putting you in a calm and tranquil mood.

Relieve Stress

The MindVerse is one step ahead of all of them. It combines neuroscience and guided meditation together with VR to help users relieve stress. Italian and European designers have designed a number of locations where the users can immerse themselves in. Music and voiceovers and narrations play in the background to make the session as interactive as possible.

The team behind MindVerse explained about the initial launch,

“The introduction is a low-key mindfulness experience which allows you to leave the stresses of everyday life behind. You are guided from the calm of a quiet desk in a studio, to contemplate a flowing river, and then the leaves falling from a tree in the forest into that river. You can enjoy the experience often as you like and over time you will find that it will make you calmer and more in control of your destiny.”

The website explains that the exercises featured in the MindVerse “have been tested by us on over three hundred separate individuals over a five year period. Typically these are expected to become effective in promoting inner calm in about 80% of people. The effect continues to get stronger and stronger over the first 5-10 repeats over about a month and are designed to be used together,”

Released November 8th

It was initially launched on 8th November on the Oculus store and is free for Oculus Rift users. Additional content will be released through subscriptions. These will include new and deeper exercises for the subscribers that are designed to relax the mind as MindVerse progresses. The environment provided by MindVerse is designed to make the users happy and to enhance their creativity.

You can now say goodbye to stress and anxiety after a long day at work. You can come back home, put on your headset and just put your mind at ease. We will know more as more time passes and users start feeling the difference.

Author: -Ali Vaqar. A budding engineer, wanting so much from life and making each day count.
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