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The Small But Mighty MOTA JetJat Ultra

JetJat Ultra

Gift Idea

With the holidays rapidly approaching we will be featuring some tech toys between now and December 25th that I am sure you or someone you know would love to find under the tree this year. Here’s one to consider.

MOTA JetJat Ultra

Mota Group, Inc. focuses on simplifying technology from drones, smart wearables and innovative mobile accessories for smartphones and cameras.

We’re going to take a look at a Mota product that is a lot of fun. We received a JetJat Ultra from Mota to review and I am really impressed with this little guy.  Drones have been an expensive hobby to get into, that is until now. MOTA’ JetJat Ultra is lite and fits in the palm of your hand. It’s lite on your wallet too. 

Don’t let its small size fool you

This little guy is equipped with technology you would expect to find in a much more expensive drone. One touch takeoff, one-touch landing, one touch hover, throw to fly and more. This makes this drone very easy to handle for the inexperienced pilot. An HD camera 780p that will shoot photos and record or stream video to your iOS or Android device is also on board. There are two modes of flight and stunts are possible.

JetJat UltraThe JetJat Ultra serves as a WiFi host and provides the connection to your smartphone. This allows the mini HD camera to stream live in-flight video to your smartphone. You can also take photos and record video from the app to capture in-flight views. Because it streams directly to your smartphone, no SD card or onboard storage is needed.

Control With Your Smartphone
JetJat Ultra

There is a motion sensor mode where you can pass control of the JetJat Mota to your smartphone for aileron control (roll left / roll right).

LEDs for night flights and sturdy construction with removable bumpers for damage resistance round out the features of the JetJat Ultra.

The JetJat Ultra’s range is about 80 feet from the controller. The battery was developed with advanced li-ion chemistry. One charge will give you about 5 minutes of flight time. The battery becomes fully charged in about 20 minutes. Both iOS and Android are supported. The controller requires two AAA batteries (not included).

When you turn the controller and the JetJat on, pairing the two is quick and simple. Move the left control stick all the way forward until you hear a beep, then move it all the way back until you hear another beep.  That’s it, the two are paired.  You can calibrate the drone by moving both control sticks to the bottom right corner and hold them there until the lights on the JetJat stop blinking.

JetJat UltraSmartphone Controls

By connecting to the JetJat Ultra’s WiFi network your smartphone can become the flight controller.  This also facilitates live video streaming to your iOS or Android device. The same controls found on the physical controller are available virtually on your smart device.

JetJat UltraVirtual Reality Flight

First person flight while flying the JetJat ULTRA is possible with Mota’s latest product, the TAMO C-Future Virtual Reality headset. By combining these two products you can get an up close drone’s eye view of the world around you. Turn on VR mode in the app and your phone is ready to be placed into the VR headset for a virtual flight experience.  My iPhone 6s Plus fits perfectly.  There is a spring loaded cartridge that you place your phone into. It accommodates a variety of phones.  Once the phone is secure simply slide the cartridge back into the headset and you’re good to go.

My iPhone 6s Plus fits into the controller but I needed to remove it from its case, which is what I would expect.  One of the coolest things about this design is that the JetJat fits into a compartment that is built into the controller, making transporting it convenient and safe from damage.

Because of its size and weight, you will not want to fly the JetJat in moderate to high wind. If you take it outside be aware of the wind conditions.  Because of its size, flying indoors is a lot of fun too.

The Drone Market

According to Goldman Sachs, the worldwide addressable market for non-military drones is $38 billion by 2020. MOTA has developed sophisticated miniature drones that are affordable, easy to fly and can easily claim a good chunk of this market.  For those of us who can’t go out and spend several hundred to thousands of dollars for a full-sized drone, the MOTA JetJat Ultra is an affordable alternative.

My daughter and I have had a lot of fun with this drone. If you want to get your feet wet in this hobby, I recommend Mota’s JetJat Ultra as an affordable alternative to other, considerably more expensive models.  They sell for $129.00. Learn more about Mota’s JetJat Ultra on their website. 

Tell them we sent you.

Check out our video where we unbox and take Mota’s JetJat Ultra for a flight.

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