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Meta And Its VR Gloves

Meta VR Gloves

Despite all the doom and gloom predicted by naysayers regarding the largest social media platform, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is going ahead with its creation of a multiverse of sorts. Elegant Media is a forward-thinking company that undertakes App development in Melbourne that has changed how App development is done. The aspect of virtual reality and augmented reality are fast becoming default technologies that are no longer emerging technologies. This gels in very well with how the world is moving towards a new and improved era where our new reality is one that will be virtual and is steeped in a reality that is augmented.

Meta, as you would expect, is splurging billions on virtual and augmented reality with their complementary hardware. What is interesting is how Meta is producing VR gloves that offer haptic feedback. Using a technology known as soft robotics, these gloves have been in creation for over 7 years. Search for App development company Brisbane on Google and the chances of you coming across a company like Elegant Media is high. A company like Elegant Media is using the advent of VR and AR to spearhead its own mobile development for its vast array of clients that are within different industries. 

All of what has been discussed above seems an extension of the reality being shared by Meta’s Oculus VR headsets. While it may seem that a new world is beckoning us, there is the aspect of privacy that needs to be addressed. Privacy concerns regarding the use of VR and AR are very relevant. For instance, the fact that your biometrics can be hacked is a serious problem and makes the fiasco that was Cambridge Analytica child’s play in comparison. Privacy, of course, is just one issue, but there is also the issue of how such technology can affect a user’s mental frame.

Facebook and Instagram both have been vilified for a high level of dysfunction and the increase in mental issues, especially among the younger generation. The concept of using filters and generating a reality that is better than what Photoshop is capable of has led to unreal body images and also an expectation of beliefs that are unreal. This has caused a myriad of issues. Yet what cannot be denied is the fact that the world is moving towards a universe that can be regarded as a multiverse that is very different from the one we all exist in. Meta is not the only company that is creating a reality that is virtual. So too is Microsoft. With Bitcoin and NFTs also becoming very common, there is no doubt that this is a reality that we all need to get used to.

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