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Memorize Diagrams With Memio


Memio – Memorize Diagrams

We came across this app named Memio – Memorize Diagrams by Cameron Ewart, that really is an innovative education tool designed to help the student memorize diagrams or anything else. 

You can transform your own diagrams into interactive study tools giving you the ability to quiz yourself or a classmate. By revealing answers one at a time you can test your active recall.

There is a camera in the app so you can capture your course materials from textbooks, slides, notes, etc., or import images from Photos. Create a new deck. Each imported image becomes a new card. Then you use the markup feature in the app by drawing over the terms in a diagram or illustration with your finger or a stylus to conceal the answers.

You can track your progress and study with no distractions because there are no ads in the app (an added plus). You can toggle a card’s status to “Off” or “Needs Practice”.

It works in portrait or landscape and you can zoom in or out. You can also adjust the size of the marker as needed. You can hide or reveal all terms at once. No need for a study partner, you can make great progress on your own. 

Memio – Memorize Diagrams is one universal download for iPhone, iPad, and iPad Pro.  You can study anywhere any time, even on your way to a test.  Study offline, no Internet connection required.


From PreK through Medical School and beyond this app is totally adaptable to any course of study. The possibilities are really broad with this app. A student of any science or engineering course of study can make great use of this app. I can see myself creating study cards for my 5-year-old for reading, spelling or math. Anyone wanting to improve their memory on any subject can be aided by this innovative app. A great study aid for the SATs, APs or MCAT standardized tests. You can study material in a random order to ensure that your active recall is accurate.  I can’t think of any subject where this tool would not be beneficial.

Take the app out of the classroom and use it to coach a sports team to memorize plays or memorize stars in a given constellation, the possibilities are really endless. 

Where was this app when I was in school? This one is a keeper.

View Memio in the App Store. 

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