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Meet The Helix Cuff

Helix Cuff


What do you do with your headphones when on the go? I like having them with me at all times, but this is problematic. Stuffed in a pocket, they become a tangled knotted mess that requires time and patience to unravel. Do this often enough and they will eventually stop working, I thought I had a solution when I rolled mine up and put them in a pouch in my pocket, which worked out fine until they went through the washer and dryer. Headphone management has been an annoyance for most of us for too long. 

Helix Cuff

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ashley Chloe the fashion-forward minded company came up with a sleek digital accessory designed to solve this problem while making a stylish fashion statement. The company has truly married function, form and quality into an elegant product known as the Helix Cuff. This is an aesthetically pleasing and convenient wearable accessory for iOS and Android devices.

The wireless Bluetooth headphones that are tucked away inside the attractive cuff are a one of a kind, high-quality audio accessory that features Smart Multipoint Connectivity, AptX technology, cVc noise reduction, and Bluetooth 4.1. Your music, your calls, or whatever you listen to are delivered with awesome CD-like quality audio over Bluetooth, which means there is no need to plug anything into your iOS device.

Designed to be hands-free, The Helix Cuff’s Bluetooth connection works up to 30 feet between the Helix headphones and your iOS device.  Seamless Device Switching Allows you to connect two devices simultaneously to the Helix Cuff, so you can switch between two devices like your laptop (or tablet) and your smartphone at the same time. If you’re streaming music from your laptop (or tablet) and receive an incoming call to your smartphone, the call will be automatically streamed to your Helix headphones. Up to 8 paired devices are remembered by the Helix headphones, and they will automatically connect with the last connected device if it’s in range.

When making calls the Helix headphones are equipped with bi-directional noise reduction made possible by cVc® technology. Without getting too technical, they simply deliver the best possible call quality on a Bluetooth headset.

Helix Cuff

The Helix Cuff is small and easy-to-wear and is a splash-proof design. The designers did a great job of fitting the technology in these high-quality earbuds nicely into a tiny compartment in the cuff. The headphones are short enough to wear on your wrist and long enough to comfortably sit in your ears. the earbuds are made out of chemical-resistant rubber material, making them water-resistant and strong enough for everyday use. The Helix Cuff is available in six colors.

Helix Cuff

Ashley Chloe has done a wonderful job of blending fashion and high technology into an innovative, functional piece of wearable art that provides convenience and excellent sound quality.  Check them out.

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