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Easily Manage Disk Usage On iOS With Disk Pie

Disk Pie

Are you ever annoyed by the amount of low free disk space you have on your iOS device, no matter what you do to reclaim it? Utilities like CacheCleaner or iCleaner can help, but even they cannot get rid of all the temporary data that resides deep within the confines of your iOS device. Disk Pie is a handy Cydia app that lets you do just that!

One of my major gripes about the iPhone is the lack of expandable memory. You’re stuck with the amount of storage you buy, and this is one of the changes I’d love to see in iOS devices. But honestly speaking, I don’t see that happening for quite some time.

So you might as well make the most of what you have.

As opposed to Android users, iOS users have a good knack for keeping the data on their device tidy. But even so, temporary app files, streaming data, logs and so forth are not something you can just ‘check and delete’. You need a good disk management utility to manage disk usage on iOS.

Disk Pie

Disk Pie is a great Cydia app that lets you manage disk usage on iOS. Developed by Lior Halphon, Disk Pie has been around for almost an year, but has recently been updated to work with iOS 8. It can help you delete unwanted and junk files from your device.

When you open up the app, it will begin scanning your device and let you know how your storage is being used.

Disk Pie - Homescreen

You can view various sections and their disk usage as displayed on the pie chart. These include iTunes (music and videos), Application Data and Applications, Photos, Temporary Data, Cydia packages and Messages. You can tap into these sections to open sub-sections where you can delete unnecessary files. The sections are in sorted order, based on how much data each one is using up. Quite handy.

It is advisable to leave the Operating System section alone, as this contains system files that you shouldn’t mess with unless you know what you’re doing.


The most commonly used utilities to manage disk usage on iOS are iCleaner and iFile. But while they are popular, we’ve found them to be deficient in one way or another. iFile focuses on your own files, whereas iCleaner is geared towards cleaning temporary app data and logs etc. It does not get rid of streaming or iTunes data though.

If you’re coming from a Windows background, you might have heard of, or used disk space visualization tools such as WinDirStats. Mac users might be familiar with Disk Inventory X, and Android know this concept through the likes of apps such as DiskUsage.

Like these above programs, Disk Pie gives you a graphical representation of how your storage is being used, making it easier for you to reclaim lost space.

Disk Pie is a Cydia app you can get from the BigBoss Repository, and of course requires you to Jailbreak your phone. Unfortunately, it isn’t free, and comes with a $1.99 price tag. However, I think that if you’re a power user, you would love to have such a utility with you.

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask in our comments section below! Cheers 🙂

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