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Making Use of Sortly App for Efficient Inventory Management

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Times are constantly changing, and technology continues to become more advanced – making our lives much easier. With the aid of multiple software applications, you would no longer feel the pressure and stress to recall everything in your everyday to-do list. This is where Sortly, an inventory management application comes in. The simplistic layout of the application in making use of its inventory management features is truly noteworthy.

Sortly is a sophisticated inventory management tracker that can help users in managing a business inventory. The application is easily accessible for both iOS and Android users and operates well for an individual as well as business purposes. It can also be accessed on the desktop (web-based) and tablet. One can even make use of the app at the same time for any device.

The inventory application’s name fits well with the list of benefits and services it provides. The app can let its users sort out the items and allow them to classify the items by categories such as the price, quantities, location, etc. The user is practically in charge of the data that they will feed the app. They never have to stress about something that is quite exasperating in life, like failing to purchase something from the supermarket, creating an inventory or leaving any stuff behind when moving. All they have to do is sort the items in the app and keep track of it with just a few clicks.

The user interface of the application is also quite sleek and user-friendly. After downloading the app from the Google Play Store or iOS, the very first prompt will let you choose what you plan to use the inventory app for. For personal use or business, use is the two options Users will also see a portion in which they can enter their email address to simply link their inventories when using multiple devices. This is indeed a great alternative especially if the user is one who works with multiple devices at the same time. However, there is also an option to ignore the syncing of the app across multiple devices and just go ahead and launch the app immediately.

Users will also be able to find all these varying folders on the app’s main interface that they can modify depending on their preferences. Making use of an inventory app like Sortly can certainly save a lot of time and energy that can be used in other more productive things.

How Sortly Works

The Sortly Inventory Management application works in 4 very simple stages.

  1. Snap a picture of an item and then make a folder for it.
  2. Categorize the list – easily group the items basing on preference and can also add more items in the folder.
  3. Labeling – users are free to make custom labels and can easily track item using a QR code.
  4. Data back-up – the Sortly app has an option to let users export all of its data and have it backed-up and synced on other devices which can, later on, be very convenient for the user.

Other Features of Sortly

  • A built-in QR barcode scanner

The Sortly Pro app already has an integrated QR barcode scanner that can be used to search for items. Its QR scanner supports EAN, UPC and ISBN barcodes which is incredible and it enables the user to get away from the tedious job of typing all the items in the app.

  • A simple and easy inventory management organization

The app gives the consumer the option to organize inventory into folders or even sub-folders which can reach up to 5 levels. This is primarily intended to provide the consumer with a more efficient method of categorization, making it much easier to monitor an item in the app.

  • Easy on the eye visual inventory

The user interface of Sortly is simple and easy to look at. It makes it much easier to use and engage with as a consumer of the product. Everything on its interface is quite simple and user-friendly to navigate.

  • Can add multiple photos for each item

Users can add up to eight (8) different photos for every item on its folder. This is a brilliant way in tracking their inventory. They also have the option to pinpoint a single item from multiple items with its ability to customize and resize the photos.

  • Monitor loaned items

The Sortly app can even monitor loaned items as well as set alarm reminders as to when the user can expect to get it back and whether or not it had already been returned. This will allows users to track all the items that had been loaned out, so as not to forget about them.

  • Backup and sync

Sortly users also have the option to backup and synchronize their data across various devices through the cloud to have easy access to all the information. Another clever option is to automate the backup process, and this is especially intended for business owners. This guarantees that all data is constantly up-to-date and readily accessible through multiple devices. They also have the choice to share all of their Sortly data with other users. However, this feature is only available for those who subscribed to the Sortly Pro and Sortly Plus packages. This particular feature does not come with the free package.

  • Can add notes and tags

The Sortly application also includes custom fields that can be used to put additional item information. This will allow the user to efficiently locate the items which are remarkable because it helps save a lot of valuable time. The options for extra notes and tags also help to differentiate particular items from several other items in order to track things quickly.

  • Web Access

This is a great option for users who opt to use their desktops to access all their data in Sortly. This is best for business owners who would like to take a look at their inventory on a bigger screen and make use of a keyboard to easily organize their items. However, this is only available for those who avail of the Sortly Plus package. 

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