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Making Tech Work for You to Lower Your Expenses

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Today, many people are concerned about making their money stretch to cover their expenses each month. Many people are worried they might not be able to pay off their loans and cover their bills. If you are one of these individuals, there are several ways you can reduce your expenses, especially when it comes to tech and online services.

Get Lower Interest Payments 

If you have credit card debt, now is the time to lower the interest rates, especially since they can be relatively high. If the credit card debt is high, you could be paying several hundred dollars extra just in interest. Even if you can’t pay off the balance now, you could still negotiate lower rates. Go to the company you have been with the longest and see if they will work with you to reduce your rates.

One of the best ways of getting a lower interest rate is to have a second offer ready to go. You can look for others available to you, allowing you to push the current company to lower your rates. If the company sees you are ready to move your business somewhere else, they might be more willing to work with you. Consider refinancing other debt such as student loans from school. When you work with a private lender to get a new loan, you can potentially reduce interest payments, saving even more of your monthly expenses.

Reducing Your Online Spending

It is easy to make purchases online, but they can quickly add up. This is an area that you can trim relatively easily. It is best to reduce your spending by not making as many online purchases. You can do so by removing your credit and debit cards from each site. That way, it will be harder to purchase something, either accidentally or impulsively. Some also have one-click ordering, so you will want to turn that off. 

Add online spending into your budget, but ensure you stick to the limit. By doing so, you could make the difference between being over budget or having enough to set aside for savings. While it’s often hard to change your habits at first, you will have a better relationship with money once you are there.

Consider Changing Your Providers

Negotiating with providers is one way of reducing your spending, but it might not work in every case. Shop around for similar providers that offer lower rates. For instance, if you have an unlimited phone plan, you could switch to a smaller carrier that provides better rates. Some phone companies run on the same networks, allowing you to save on the phone bill. 

You could also save money on internet costs, especially if you have more than one provider in the area. That is often best if the current provider does not offer lower rates. You could choose a company that offers an introductory rate until you have saved a bit more money. Just understand the potential costs associated with switching, such as new equipment. In some cases, staying with your current internet provider might cost you less.

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