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Make Yourself a Better Novelist: Watch These 5 TV Shows


How to create a great novel? Almost everyone who wants to start creating a stunning story plunges headlong into the world of books to get some inspiration and follow the best practices of other creators. Surely, this is a useful approach but not the only one to level up your knowledge, boost creativity and improve writing skills.

Let’s try to improve your writing skills using the TV. If you watch it just with the purpose to skill up your writing instead of just wasting time, it is a good way to get insights and enjoy interesting shows at the same time.

On The Way to Becoming a Better Novelist

How can you become a better novelist? There are a lot of strategies to choose from. For instance:

  • Read a lot of novella pieces by the authors you admire. Still, don’t perceive this advice as a push to copying their style. Reading the globally popular novels will improve your vocabulary, provide you with some ideas on possible plot development, boost your creative thinking and inspire you to write something great on your own.
  • Read some books for novice writers. There is a lot of specialized literature to choose from. A lot of books also come with valuable and practical tips and exercises so that you can instantly proceed with practice.
  • Listen to podcasts. If you perceive information by ear better than visuall, consider listening to podcasts from famous modern writers, content creators, influencers, and experts. But make sure the podcast is really created by the industry leaders since there is still a lot of information garbage.
  • Order a piece as an example. According to the top writers reviews, there are a lot of talented freelance authors you can get inspired by. You just have to evaluate their writing style. Find them on the perfect essay writing service platfrom and don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
  • Watch TV shows. Surprised? What if we say that you can step up your critical thinking and watch five shows that will bring you a lot of knowledge to use in novel creation? In addition to being useful in the context of writing, you will also get real pleasure from watching them. Let’s consider the best options. 

Top 5 TV Shows That Can Help with Novel Writing

Here they are. 

1. Pretty Little Liars

This show is based on a book series by Sara Shepard and although this show has 7 seasons, there is a lot to emphasize to create a great story. Here you can learn how to present completely different protagonists, create a connection between them, build intrigue and a storyline that is unexpected for the audience.

If you want to create a long story with a poignant storyline and different protagonists, then the first seasons of this show will bring you a lot of insights. The characters of this show are great at the transformation. Therefore, these are great series to learn not only intriguing tips but also how to present your protagonists and warm up the audience’s interest all the time.

2. And Then There Were None

Surely, you know a lot about the detective genre and one of the most prominent detective writers. Yes, we are talking about Agatha Christie. “And Then There Were None” is a great example of how minimum dynamics can be intriguing to the very end. The intrigue is twisted out of the blue, the audience analyzes who is the killer throughout the plot. But in addition to this intrigue, the audience gets to know different protagonists and their fates. All this happens calmly but excitingly.

It certainly makes sense to read a book and then watch a movie. This will be a good example of realizing the greatness of the author and researching the best approaches for creating an intriguing detective story. It is not at all necessary to create terrible protagonists and horrible murders for the audience to be in tension and guesswork until the end.

3. Fargo

This show will allow you to look at the creation of a story from a non-traditional perspective, that is, not from excitement. Agree, most novel stories are created with the aim to excite the audience. Most writers strive to create characters that will be liked by the public and often the heroes appear unrealistic.

This show will allow you to find out how to create a character that is believable and close to reality. This show is about the journey of the protagonists, not in the literal sense of the word. It’s about the protagonists’ journey on a social, economic, emotional, and, of course, romantic level. Bringing the main characters closer to reality and putting them into life situations is what will make any story successful.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale

This show made a real boom, and certainly, the merit of this is the talent of the writer. But notice how the audience loved the show and wanted to go further from the book plot. Be sure to read the original and watch the show.

The topic of feminism, restrictions on freedom, and human rights frightened and captured the public. Although the plot is fictional and does not correspond to the current reality, it creates a feeling of reality and a possible future. This show and book are great examples of how to create a dark, frightening, yet life-like and engaging story.

5. The OA

This show is a good demonstration of keeping intrigued. All the surprises of the story should be presented in such a way that the audience gets shocked, but the ending of the story should be still kept interesting. In this show, the intrigue is developed in such a way that the audience constantly has questions and a desire for answers.

Enrich your story with small details that will only pique your interest. Focus on questions, not answers. This might sound like a surefire way to lose the audience, but watch this show and see that such an approach works.

Final Words 

Tune in for a pleasant and useful pastime! Take a break from learning and books, and enjoy these shows. By the way, don’t be shy to share with us the insights you’ve discovered! We need your innovative ideas and writing tips.

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