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Make Your Perfect Schedule: Time Management for College Students

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The secrets of time management in college

College is probably the first time in the life of young people when they can enjoy independence and freedom. But with freedom also comes responsibility and namely – managing your schedule in order to cope with all homework, work part-time, meet with friends and have some time for yourself. Even if you get help with assignment there are still multiple tasks that need to be taken into account. Here is when the ability to plan can come at hand and we will reveal you some simple secrets of time management for students.

How to manage your tasks and stay cool

Time is a valuable and finite resource that should be spent wisely with the greatest benefit. Balancing all your duties and activities can be challenging so you need to develop a skill of managing your time properly to still enjoy your college years. Here are a few simple tricks you can use:

1.       Write everything down. How often do you stay late at night in panic just because you forgot something? To avoid wasting time on searching through all the materials, make notes of everything you hear in class to easily find it later;

2.       Visit When deadlines are coming and you have a pile of writing assignments to be completed, you may delegate your tasks. The best way out is to look through college paper writing service reviews and choose a service based on it. On this website you can find customers` feedbacks on different writing agencies and also find answers to the most popular questions about each of them, for example, «Is speedypaper legit?» or «How quickly can you deliver the paper?»;

3.       Use your smartphone. Although smartphones are a huge distraction, they can also be used to help you manage your plans. For example, you can check the calendar to schedule tasks for today, set reminders, make use of different time management apps and put blockers to your accounts in social networks for a specific period of time to concentrate on your studies;

4.       Identify time wasters. Try to define the things that distract you most of all and get rid of them during your studies (except for your smartphone but sometimes even of it as well);

5.       Create to-do lists. Write down all the tasks, prioritize them and identify how much time you need to complete each of them. This is the easiest and most useful way to plan your day. Crossing out the things you have done makes you feel better and encourages to do more;

6.   Divide your tasks. If you have one big project to do, divide it into digestible parts and then complete each of them step by step. Big goals can make you procrastinate, but completing smaller parts is easier and thus you can finish faster than if you tried to do everything at once;

7.   No multitasking. Researchers have already proved that doing a few things at a time will lead to worse results than concentrating on just one thing. Multitasking may be good at work but in college, it may bring the opposite results;

8.   Stick to the routine. If you get used to doing homework in the evening at specific hours, try to stick to these hours. Your brain adapts to this routine and doesn`t let you finish the day unless you completed all the tasks;

9.       Use breaks. The time between lectures, meetings, and other activities can also be used wisely. The so-called Pomodoro technique proves that working in short regular intervals can be more effective than spending long hours on the same tasks.

Have some time off and try to find the balance. Fitting all the duties in one day is great but feeling exhausted and stressed all the time is not worth it.

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