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Make the Most Out of Your Yacht Rental Day

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Gone are the days when yachts were a thing just for the rich. With the many yachting options available today, anyone can enjoy a yacht rental San Diego day customized to their budget. Moreover, the cruising industry has recently been in tatters making the desire to travel privately greater than ever. Renting a yacht for the day is a great way to social distance with your group of friends and get out on the water where you don’t have to worry about the virus or who is around you that you don’t know.

That said, chartering a yacht sounds like an appealing idea. But first things first,

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Yacht for a Day?

There is no direct answer to this question. To understand how much you are likely to pay for a yacht rental day, you must first understand the various factors that determine the cost. They include:

The Yacht Itself

The size and design of the yacht you choose for the day automatically determines the amount of money you’ll have to pay. In some cases, the age of the yacht matters where newer yachts are costlier than older ones. The number of cabins in the yacht as well as its guest capacity, are also cost determinants, with yachts that have a bigger capacity coming in at a higher rental price.

Additionally, there are different types of yachts, including sportfishing, sailing, open, and expedition yachts, all of which come at different rental prices. The size of the yacht also determines the crew size, meaning that you’ll have to pay more for a bigger yacht more that you’ll pay for a smaller one. However, cost-sharing with your friends or family makes the whole experience cheaper.

The Destination

The destination you choose for your yacht day will also determine how much it will cost you. If you choose to go to a destination with established yachting industries, you are likely to pay lesser. On the other hand, destinations that are more remote and harder to reach are costlier. The season you choose to set your yacht charter day will also influence the cost because high-season yachting is more expensive.

The Trip Duration

A yacht day is likely to be cheaper than a yacht charter for several days or a week. When chartering a yacht for a day, the charges may be significantly lower and affordable altogether. If you cannot afford to charter a yacht for a week, you can still enjoy yachting for a day at the convenience of your pocket. This company offers both day charters and longer charters as well.

Water Toys Provided

If your day in the sun comes with the provision of various water toys such as kayaks, paddleboards, and sea bobs, you are likely to pay more. Some yachts even come with a netted frame that keeps sea animals away from the yacht, allowing you to safely take a swim.

Cost Summary

Even though the cost of chartering a yacht depends on all the factors mentioned above, the average cost ranges between $1600 and $5000. Bareboat charters are an affordable option, while cabin charters are also less expensive although they are charged per person. Cabin yacht charters can go for as low as $1200 per person. Private crew yacht charters go for a minimum of $10,000 per week, while luxurious yacht charters can cost up to 150,000 per week.

Things to Carry on Your Yacht Rental Day

While out at sea, you must make sure you carry the correct attire that is suitable for water and beach activities. A hat to protect you from the sun and a pair of sunglasses are some of the essentials you’ll need.  Waterproof flip flops, long sleeve light shirts, as well as rain gear, are also must-haves. You will also need waterproof protective shoes for the day.

Secondly, you’ll need to carry toiletries just enough for your trip. Sunscreen, insect repellant, seasickness medicines also come in handy while on a yacht. Some people may need an extra pair of contact lenses in case you misplace the ones you have. Prescriptions by a doctor must be included in the packing list as well.

You will also need to capture every moment on your boat. Therefore, make sure you carry all the electronics you need, such as a camera, a dry bag for the camera as well as a waterproof bag to put all your electronics. A small flashlight is important to trace your boat or locate the keyhole. Do not forget to carry a headlamp and an extra set of batteries as well.

Make the Most of Your Yacht Rental Day with the Following Activities:

There is so much you can do for fun on your charter. If you are looking for onboard activities, you can hold a cocktail party and dance the night away on the onboard jump. You can also have the chef engage you in some cooking lesson when you are craving something yummy. You can also enjoy an onboard massage, spa as well as watching the sunset on the yacht.

Lovers of water activities can pick various water toys like sea kayaks and paddleboards and enjoy playing in the water. You can also plan a snorkeling trip to enjoy the coral view up close. If your focus is water activities, you must choose the yacht that comes with many water toys.

Lastly, there is a wide range of land activities you can do on your yacht rental day. Yacht charters may include the option of whisking their guests to some iconic seaside towns where they can enjoy various shore-side activities. Beach picnics, wine tasting, are some of the land activities you can enjoy on your big day.

Wind Up

Are you looking for some adventure? Book your yacht today. Not only will you relax on the trip, but you’ll also create memories with your loved ones. With the variety of yacht charter options that can be customized to fit your budget, there is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t go on a yacht ride.

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