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Make Music With Photos Using Melodist



One of the most important factors when figuring out whether a movie or any piece of film, is good is the sound and the music. Music is what makes the audience feel the emotion that is trying to be conveyed through the moving pictures on the screen. Some horror movies use a sort of music that cannot be heard called infrasound. Infrasound is known to cause the feeling of anxiety, suspense, and fear, sometimes insomnia.

Knowing this, the team at Sonar Multimedia has created Melodist. Melodist is an all-new app with the purpose of creating music from a photo. Now you might be thinking, what? Yes, you heard me. Melodist takes a picture that you either take on the app or upload from your Camera Roll and makes a song from it.

Music From Photos

Melodist uses a special method to do this. The app takes into consideration the exposure, color, saturation, hues, brightness, and other components of a picture to create a melody that is unique to that photo. For example, the darker the photo, the lower the octave of the melody. The melody is played back through the app using one of three awesome animations in a Smule Magic Piano sort of way with a blurred version of the selected photo in the background. You can change the speed of the melody and play it back for a certain amount of time using the Sleep Timer. You can also change the tone of the melody.

Sonar Multimedia states that the app has been created to not only serve as a new multimedia art form but to serve as an inspiration for music creators and as a meditation/relaxation app. The melody created can be shared as an audio file, video, or MIDI file with a text message, e-mail, FaceBook post, Twitter post, or through AirDrop. They can also be exported to your phone.

Check out Melodist on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It is currently not available for any Android device but hopefully Sonar Multimedia will add their app to the Google Play Store soon. Have fun turning your photos to music!

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