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How To Make Your Employees Happy

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No matter if you’re a startup or an established company.  Or if you’re in the tech industry or not. Employees can make or break an organization. Keeping good productive employees happy and engaged is something that many companies may not have given much thought to.

Most employers do their best to keep their workers happy, but sometimes it can be challenging to do so, primarily because happiness is perceived from within. Even if you offer a higher pay grade, other factors often come into play, such as problems with their friends or family, and even other workplace incidents that may be off the employer’s radar. Things like gossiping or backstabbing for example.

However, these make it all the more important for you as an employer to take the necessary steps to keep the workplace a pleasant environment. Keep in mind that high employee satisfaction means better productivity, higher engagement, and unwavering loyalty to the company. You can avoid low turnover and enjoy bigger profits when you retain and keep your best employees by keeping them happy. 

In addition to competitive salaries, you can provide privileges and benefits—think of your employees as first-level customers whom you want to provide happiness and satisfaction too. Most importantly, you want to make them feel that they are appreciated and needed and that the difference they make at work is essential for the company’s success as a whole.

One thing I learned as a Customer Support Manager in the software industry is that we are all each other’s customer. In a customer-centric corporate culture all levels of management, as well as the workers, are considered to be the company’s internal customers. The result of this practice and mindset produces happy employees which in turn equals happy customers.  Something every business desires.

The following infographic provides some insight into what it will take to make your employees happy.

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