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Few Ideas On How To Make Your Car Smarter Than It Is Now

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The era of technological progress, here we come – and, of course, everybody wants to stay on-trend. However, what if you really want to have a smart car however you don’t want to change your current one?  Holding on to an older car also suggests the need for parts.  If your car looks like the VW in this article’s featured image, Polo Spare Parts can help.

Making the car smarter than it is is the main topic of this article so below are some ideas for you. Learn more about this topic on bestForDriver. Let’s go!


Don’t want to spend any money? No problem, this app can be used on your smartphone and tell you everything you need to know in terms of parking in this city – best places in terms of cost and location, number of available parking places at the desired spot and what time the car needs to be picked up at. Quite convenient if you travel a lot. At an additional cost, you can buy a premium account and even have a look at photographs of potential parking places.


The second app I want to talk about with you. Running out of petrol and have absolutely no idea where you are or where the nearest petrol station is? This app can help you to find your way to the cheapest petrol station on your way to fuel up and continue your journey.

iOttie Easy One Touch 3

Tired of looking on google maps on your knees? Buy this cutie off Amazon! This is the best smartphone mount I can think of – it is compatible with most devices and is reliable which means it holds tough on the car and won’t slip over with your phone.

ION Audio Cassette Adaptor

Your car is quite old, and you can’t think of any way how to make it smarter? Just turn your car’s underused cassette deck into a Bluetooth music receiver. Now you can listen to Spotify or Apple music while you are driving! This device has a battery life for about 4 hours, but you can recharge it at home with a micro USB cable. You will also want to consider updating those speakers so visit greatestspeakers.

Dash cam

The growing number of cars means the growing number of accidents as well, unfortunately, so better stay cautious and buy something that can record a potential accident, so you can always have something as proof in court. A dash cam is a perfect solution for this especially given that apart from accident recording it can also take amazing scenic views you were driving through but had no time to look around at the time.

Beets BLU Bluetooth Wireless

Now the best thing for me out of this list. How many of you ever lost your car keys? With this app, this is not a problem anymore. The way it works is that it pulls up a lost location tracking on your smartphone so you can recall where you might leave them at a time and pick them up without spending any time running around to the places you’ve been.

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