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How To Make The Best Out Of SEO?

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Every website owner’s dream is to garner high traffic for their website, gain popularity, and pull down a good amount of revenue. A website won’t become familiar by its own and needs a proper digital marketing strategy. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an integral and inevitable part of digital marketing, which plays a much larger role in attracting netizens to the desired content of a website. The problem lies in putting this tool to best use, which many fail to do. Here are some tips, which can guide you to success:

Website Design:

Designing a SEO friendly website will go a long way in luring more customers to your website. When the keyword leads the user to your website, it’s necessary that they enjoy seamless navigation and doesn’t have to waste their time by clicking unwantedly. Optimize your website according to the “three clicks rule”, which means that the content the user is searching for should be available within three clicks. If designing SEO friendly website is not your forte, then you can pay a SEO web designing expert, like the SEO Heroes operating in Thailand, to build one.

Content Improvement:

Even if your website looks fancy, the content you put in speaks for your website. Most of your content is going to be scanned and not read. Therefore, try to avoid undesirable information and get to the point. This way you satisfy even a lazy reader.

If you think you have less engaging content, try to make the article long (say 2000 words) so that reader stays for a quite an amount of time. By doing this, you can increase the dwell time (time a visitor spends) for your website, thus increasing your SEO ranking. Insert various outbound links to gain credibility for your website.

Proper Audit:

Audit your website occasionally; say a week or month, to analyze where you shine and where you go wrong.

  • Enhance your URL in a simple way, so that people find it easy to guess what the article in the page is about. For example, will look pleasant to eyes, rather than
  • Examine whether you have formatted your article properly like the font size, colour, and number of lines in a paragraph etcetera. See if you maintain consistency throughout your work
  • Page title should be appealing to the customer as this will decide if the following content is going to be read or not.

Use the website to check all these if you have time constraints or need an expert’s help.

Keyword Placement:

Keyword placement is the most important aspect for any content to be recognized by the public. You have to make sure that the keyword you place will be something even an ordinary user will search for. Location related keywords could be used to help people locate you easily. If you are not sure with popular keywords, search for some of these in Google Keyword Planner. Don’t try to stuff in more keywords.

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