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Major Benefits of Shelter Services in Mexico


If you are starting a business as a foreigner in Mexico, then you need to learn a lot to acquire the right knowledge in this regard. Shelter service providers ease your navigation issues that are unique to Mexico such as IMMEX registration, compliance with customs, and more. Here are some major benefits:

Quick Start-up

Teaming up with a shelter service provider wipes out a number of casual start-up issues. For instance, your provider has an IMMEX and IVA certification beforehand. In the shelter service, the foreign company comes into the nation as a shelter company unit. This lessens the time spent waiting for permits and you also save on spending money from scratch.

Lower price

The Mexican government witnesses the shelter services favorably as it facilitates foreign investment. Manufacturing units functioning under the shelter model are regarded as a profitable entity and thus offered several incomes, consumption, and I/E tax exemptions and incentives. Because shelter services offer similar facilities to a lot of companies, the leading economies of scale permit lower service costs.

Well-managed labor

Companies offering shelter services in Mexico have a deep insight into the local labor markets. This helps them in recruiting suitable candidates for particular industries and functions. They are well experienced in hiring highly-needed technical positions, experienced medium-level roles, and specific industry skill sets.

Better flexibility and scalability

With the growth of your company, you need more staffing. For instance, a developing company will need to hire more human resource positions, accounting assistance, and procurement personnel. Manufacturing units functioning under the shelter model get this service from their provider.

Immediate access to skilled professionals

The moment a manufacturer signs a contract with the company, the manufacturer gets instant access to a team of professionals. Precise local data, technical knowledge, and extensive information are turnkey.

How to select a shelter service provider in Mexico?

Apart from the advantages of using shelter services in Mexico, there are benefits of selecting one service provider over the other. Depending on the type of services offered, there are different services providers offering different degrees of services:

  1. Manufacturing communities offering full-shelter service in specific industrial parks. If you set up a factory in a Manufacturing Community, you receive better service and avail benefits of economies of scale and other facilities such as medical centers and recreational amenities. They are the fastest and risk-free way to manufacture here.
  2. Full-service offerings without owning any real estate. Unlike above these shelter service providers offer all the services other than real estate. But companies can partner with local agencies.
  3. Start-up shelter companies available for a pre-determined time period. They are purely focused on the starting phase of getting up and working. They are for a pre-determined time period and then they step aside and the manufacturer bears all the risks, costs, and responsibilities of the manufacturing.
  4. Contract manufacturers offering value-added facilities. They render particular contracts to dedicated employees to a specific project and also render specialized services when needed.
  5. Real estate companies offering value-added facilities. They are majorly interested in renting and sale of industrial real estate in Mexico. 
  6. Cafeteria-style service providers offering custom services from a list of niche services. They permit manufacturers to pick from a list of shelter service offerings.

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