macOS Mojave – 8 Features I’m Looking Forward To

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macOS Mojave

Earlier last month WWDC was chock full of new updates to the family of operating systems that make your Apple products run.  iOS12, tvOS, watchOS and of course macOS.

The next version of macOS, Mojave is a departure from the previous naming of various big cats, and seaside and mountain locations in Cali. It has some major improvements and some long-awaited features.  As with previous versions of macOS, Mojave will be FREE! (I love that word) and I’m also looking forward to getting my hands on these new features.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is just what it says, it makes your working environment dark and easier on the eyes. If you work in front of a computer for many hours every day you will appreciate this feature.  Dark Mode is not just in the Finder or in a few select apps. You have access to this mode just about everywhere. Photographic content pops off the page. Calendar, Mail, Pages, Photos and especially in Xcode where developers spend hours working on countless lines of source code and interface builders. Dark Mode is real easy on the eyes and was very well received at WWDC 2018.

Dynamic Desktop

The mac desktop has received an overhaul in Mojave with some cool features. Dynamic Desktop automatically changes with the time of day, morning, afternoon and evening. This is an attractive feature unless your desktop looks like mine with files and folders all over the Desktop. No matter how attractive the wallpaper is, if your desktop is littered with dozens of files and folders it takes away from the aesthetics of a clean desktop. 

Mojave solves this problem with a clever feature known as Desktop Stacks. This is an organizational feature that takes the contents of your desktop and automatically arranges them into sorted stacks along the right side of the screen.

Let’s say you have Mail open and you drag an image to the Desktop. Mojave places the image in the appropriate stack automatically. You can scrub through a stack of images and select a photo and drag it into a document. This is a cool time saver that keeps your desktop looking good while keeping you productive.

Gallery View

The Finder has received some enhancements as well.  Gallery View is like Quick Look on steroids.  You can preview just about anything, images, videos, presentations, documents, etc. A new sidebar in Mojave’s Finder now supports full metadata so not only can you preview a file but get more information from the once hidden metadata. 

Quick Actions

You also have a section at the bottom of the screen called Quick Actions. This facilities quick edits without launching the file’s app. Rotate an image or select multiple images and create a PDF. Quick Actions is contextual so it changes with the type of file selected. Better yet, this feature is customizable.  Create Automator actions and assign them to buttons in Quick Actions.

Quick Look

Quick Look has received enhancements as well.  You now have at the ability to use markup tools within Quick Look, another time saver. Add a signature to a form and more.


Screenshots now provide a thumbnail image of a screenshot like it does in iOS.  When you double-click the image you get instant access to the markup toolset. You can click n drag out a lens to create a magnification of the selected portion of an image. Video capture has also been added to screenshots

Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera allows you to utilize your phone is the screen capture process. Let’s say toy have a presentation open that you’re working on. You want to add an image of something that is in your line of sight. Just use your iPhone’s camera to capture that image and bring it directly into the presentation you’re working on. Basically, anything your camera sees can be imported directly into an open document.


Along with these new features in Mojave new apps that were only available on iOS are coming to the Mac in Mojave. News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home will be available on your Mac in Mojave. All of the features these apps provide on your iOS device are now on your Mac as well.

Security and Privacy

It is well known that Apple places a high priority on the user’s security and privacy. In Mojave, they’ve taken security and privacy to a new level. Security is now extended to your camera and microphone, your mail database, message history, Safari data, Time machine backups, iTunes backups, locations, routines and system cookies. All of these additional protections are active by default.

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