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Locus: Automatically Disable Location Services When Exiting Whitelisted Apps

locus automatically disables location services

A tweak by the name of ‘Locus’ was released a few hours ago. It allows you to automatically disable location services when you exit specific apps. It is a nice additional way to save battery life. More details after the title image.

locus automatically disables location services

The way other websites are covering Locus is confusing jailbreak enthusiasts. It is being billed as a way to set location services permissions on an app-by-app basis, when in fact iOS offers this as a built-in feature from Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can toggle Location Services for all installed apps, as well as adjust if you want Location Services to be turned on ‘Always’ or ‘When using app’.

Locus improves this built-in feature by allowing you to select or essentially whitelist apps which can use Location Services while you are using the app, have the Notification Center open, or are on the lock-screen. It can override the ‘Always [on]’ Location Services that some apps – like Yahoo! Weather – forces you to use.

In other words, your specified apps will stop using battery draining Location Services as soon as you go back to the Home screen.

Locus is available as a free jailbreak tweak from Cydia under the default BigBoss repo.

You will of course need to be jailbroken in order to use Locus. For that purpose, go ahead and jailbreak your iPhone or iPad on iOS 8. Cydia will be installed when you are done with the jailbreaking process. Just open it up, and search for Locus after it is done ‘refreshing sources’.

I personally do not quite see the use of Locus, since I keep Location Services off all the time except when I have to navigate using Google Maps which is perhaps once or twice every couple of weeks.

What do you think? Is Locus is useful tweak?

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