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LinkOpener 1.4: Open Reddit Links & Subreddits In Alien Blue From Safari

linkopener 1.4 subreddits in safari to alien blue

LinkOpener has been updated! LinkOpener 1.4 can now also open Reddit links and r/ subreddits from Safari in Alien Blue. Check out the details after the title image.

linkopener 1.4 open redidt links in alien blue


Reddit is my single favorite entertainment / time-suck website. It is a treasure trove of awesome content – from funny pics to insightful discussions, awe-inspiring paintings to tech tips and tricks, and everything else in between. Whatever interests you in life, chances are there is an active sub-community for it on Reddit.

Now, despite the excellent content, it is a chore to actually browse the Reddit website. The website really has not seen significant design upgrades since 5-6 years ago. Thankfully, because of the active community and the excellent developer API that it provides, there are countless apps and tweaks that enhance Reddit’s user experience.

Case in point: Alien Blue for iPhone & iPad is arguably the single best way to browse Reddit. I probably browse Reddit more through Alien Blue than through the actual website!

The way iOS works, however, there isn’t a simple straightforward way to open any Reddit links you find on the web / through Safari in Alien Blue. You have to copy the link, exit Safari, and launch Alien Blue to do so. It is a shortcut not everyone is aware of.

Again, thankfully, there is a jailbreak tweak which allows you to open Reddit links & subreddits from Safari in Alien Blue, without requiring any copy-pasting.

linkopener 1.4 subreddits in safari to alien blue


LinkOpener is a jailbreak tweak which acts as the bridge between websites and their associated iOS apps. It works with Facebook profiles, Twitter links, GitHub, and in LinkOpener 1.4, you can open Reddit links and subreddits in Alien Blue!

LinkOpener 1.4 works seamlessly. Whenever it detects you have opened a link on Reddit or a subreddit, it will open said link in Alien Blue.

Link Opener 1.4 is available for free on Cydia under the default BigBoss repo. You can get Cydia after you jailbreak iOS 8 using TaiG.

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