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Lifestyle Watches For Different Personalities This New Year

Lifestyle Watches, Rolex GMT, Omega Seamaster, Seiko 5 Sports, Skagen Connected Falster 2

The new year is upon us. And it’s that time of the year again where we reevaluate our goals for the year ahead, plan lifestyle changes, and make some concessions for the future.  New years are symbolic, and it’s like undergoing rebirth – a unique perspective, new goals, new motivation. That’s why to commemorate such; you’d need something to remind you what life you want for yourself.

And what better way to do that by getting a new watch. A new watch is perfect because you’ll likely wear it every day, and thus it will remind you of the things that you’ve promised yourself at the beginning of the year. From smartwatches to luxury mechanical ones, we’ve collated the best watches that will fit any lifestyle.

For the busy-bee: Omega Seamaster

Omega has been in the business for quite some time, that they can’t do any wrong at this point. When everyone was accusing the quartz movement revolutionized by Japanese watchmakers, Omega was one of the firsts to jump in and create a Swiss version of the quartz. And in the years to follow, they’ve achieved Swiss quartz perfection like no other watchmaker in the business.

The Omega Seamaster isn’t in quartz movement, but it’s still the best all-arounder among luxury watches today. The collection has quite a number of product lines inside it, but the Aqua Terra line and Diver 300 are best in class. You get Omega’s legendary in-house movements and water-resistance technology that beat Rolex in serious diving explorations.

For the adventure-seeker: Seiko 5 Sports

Lifestyle Watches, Rolex GMT, Omega Seamaster, Seiko 5 Sports, Skagen Connected Falster 2

Japanese watchmaker Seiko is consistently lauded as one of the brands that make automatic watches available for the masses. The company’s 5 Sports line is the testament that you don’t need lots of money to get a luxury watch. If you’re the type to go on adventures whole-year round, get a 5 Sports in black dial and silver band – it will seriously keep up with you.

For the stylish: Skagen Connected Falster 2

If you’re the type that needs to coordinate everything, the Skagen Connected Falster 2 is the best versatile watch you need to be seriously checking out. The Danish watch company may be a baby when it comes to years in the business, but they’ve already amassed quite the number of following, especially with the trendier crowds.

The Connected Falster is a smartwatch, and it’s arguably one of the best-looking ones in the industry. It boasts of a round watch face, a silver mesh strap, and a screen that can rival the top smartwatches from known tech brands. If you want a smartwatch that doesn’t advertise itself as one, the Falster is the perfect timepiece for you.

For the high roller: Rolex GMT-Master

Rolex has been at the forefront of luxury watches for decades, and if you’re a watch aficionado or someone that carries a lot of clouts, the GMT-Master is the watch that you should be wearing. It’ll set you back thousands of dollars, but for the sheer beauty and technology under the hood? You’ll get your money’s worth for sure.

Plus, wearing a Rolex means you’ve arrived, and while some high rollers don’t want to advertise that too much, sometimes, it’s good to be reminded of what you can afford in life. The new white gold 2019 model is seriously a looker, and it has the classic elements of a Rolex watch. Trust us when we say, you can never go wrong with this watch.


Lifestyle Watches, Rolex GMT, Omega Seamaster, Seiko 5 Sports, Skagen Connected Falster 2

Most people will write down the things that they want to change for the coming year. And while that’s a healthy practice, taking it to the next level – like buying a watch that will remind you of your pledge every single day of the year is, dare we say, more effective. We, humans, are fickle creatures, and we quickly forget, and having a reminder every day will thrust us to the direction we need to be walking.

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