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Learning More about the CNC Lathe Machine

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Since the rise of the Industrial Age, manufacturers have given much attention to developing technologies that help people become more productive and efficient in their workflows.

Machining is perhaps the most complicated industrial task, and it requires specific tools that simplify the process for the operator and boosts his production at the end of the day. One of those machines that improve workflow and productivity is a CNC lathe machine.

CNC lathes are amazing machines, and you will find lots of CNC lathe for sale online. If you have one to sell, visit CWR Resources – Industrial equipment supplier. Let’s take a look at what they do and what types there are available in the market. The goal is to give you the knowledge to guarantee that you are buying the best machine out there.

It is best to know more about the machine so you can evaluate your choices.

What CNC Lathes Can Do

According to Turbo Future, the lathe is perhaps the first machining tool ever invented by man. The manual lathe, the progenitor of the current lathe machines, was used as far back in history as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece.

The ancient peoples employed two people to operate the antique machine. One person moves the workpiece, while the other operates the cutting tool. It was cumbersome, but it got the work done.

Today’s CNC lathe machines build upon that fundamental process. These devices are the most flexible of all CNC machines in existence, Turbo Future says. They can perform a wide range of tasks, including woodturning, metal spraying, and metal deformation, among others.

CNC stands for computer numerical control, meaning an embedded computer ensures the precision and accuracy of the tasks. It is all automated.

Unlike its ancient ancestor, the CNC lathe only needs a Computer-Aided Design file that a human operator uploads into its processor to work. The processor reads the designs and implements the measurements and shapes that the final product will have down to the last dot.

Types of CNC Lathe Machines

When you finally go on Google to search for a CNC lathe for sale, you’ll find that there are several varieties of this machine. These types of CNC lathes include:


Gap Bed Lathe

The bed is the central part of a lathe machine. In this variant, the bed and the headstock are detachable from the assembly. This allows the operator to work with workpieces that are sometimes bigger than the machine itself.

Engine lathe

This type of lathe machine is capable of processing different kinds of metals. If your company fabricates a wide range of metal parts and components, this is the lathe machine for you. You can use it for both high-power and low-power applications.

Speed lathe

The speed lathe is the go-to machine for light work processes. The machine’s power drive is limited to a maximum of only four working speeds.

Turret lathe

The turret lathe is the only one of these machines to be able to accommodate more than one operation on a single workpiece simultaneously.

The lathe machine is an excellent piece of industrial machinery. Like all industrial machines, it has proven its mettle in simplifying otherwise complex operations, and in ensuring accuracy in the shape, dimensions, and form of the final product.

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