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Learn SEO Online Free Step by Step: 3 Courses You Can Get with No Money

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Learn SEO Online Free Step by Step

Knowledge of search engine optimization or SEO is a skill every business owner must have. If you understand how traffic can lead to the success of your business, then you know how that ranking in search engines is a must. Therefore, it’s a must to have basic skills in this area. Learning SEO doesn’t have to be difficult and costly.

If you’re busy or on a tight budget, You can enroll in free online search engine optimization courses. Also, learning web marketing can greatly help your business, so check out Here are some of the free SEO courses online where you can acquire everything you need to know to grow your business:

1. HubSpot Academy: SEO Training Course

If you want to attain or reach high traffic necessary for your site, you can check out the SEO training course. It is a worldwide leader in inbound sales and marketing and an SEO expert.

The free SEO course comprises step-by-step lessons on the following:

  • SEO strategies – you need your content to rank high in search results. It will depend on creating several high-quality contents on your topics. In this lesson, you will learn how to drive visitors and audiences to your website through search engine optimization.
  • Link Building – this lesson will teach you how to create a link building tactic, including the calculation of links for your site, so you can rank high on search engines. You will also learn building authority by getting lots of high-quality backlinks to your website.
  • HubSpot Blogging – blogging is one of HubSpot’s forte, thereby achieving their high traffic. You can learn how to increase your traffic using blogs as part of the lesson. You’ll learn to build relevant blogs on your topic while using Google’s snippet to optimize the contents of your blog. Also, you can learn about historical optimization for your previously posted blogs.

2. Udemy: SEO From Zero to Hero

If you want to have a premium account at Udemy, try their free plan that offers basics in SEO. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the SEO courses at Udemy will show you how to properly use SEO. Their lectures include keywords, backlinks, and SEO tools. When you complete this course, you can get a certificate of completion with no fee at all.

Here are pointers of what you will learn when you enroll in this course:

  • You will understand search engine optimization and how to do it
  • How to rank number 1 on different search engines
  • The best SEO techniques that you can apply as a blogger or business owner
  • Learn off-site SEO and use of SEO for local businesses
  • Running Facebook page ads to get thousands of likes, shares to build a high traffic and leads

3. Yoast: Using WordPress for SEO

It’s a remarkable free plugin that makes you learn easy ways to optimize your website and blog posts using WordPress. Aside from its plugin, it offers a free online SEO course for learners to go along with it. You need to create a free account to access this course, and it contains videos that will teach you using WordPress, keyword research, copywriting and site structure.

Fortunately, if you use WordPress as your Content Management System or CMS, some built-in features make optimization of your content for search significantly more accessible. You will get into some of the more advanced Yoast SEO settings. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to learn enough SEO without spending even a single amount of your money to enroll.

Here are things you can learn from Yoast:

  • Basic WordPress SEO – it will teach you all about URLs, title optimization, and description optimization
  • Template Optimization –  it consists of headings, cleaning up your code, speed, sidebar, HTML sitemaps, and breadcrumbs
  • Advanced WordPress SEO – comprises archives, pagination, and canonical
  • Site Structure – structures necessary for high rankings like pages, linking to related posts, and tags
  • Off-site Blog SEO – teaches you to follow your commenters, twitter, and related blogs you can work on


The search engine optimization mentioned above courses you can get with no money is a great way to learn SEO online step by step. Start learning search engine optimization for free by utilizing the courses above that guides and gives you resources to be well-rounded in SEO. You can find tactics that will work best for your business. Additionally, you will have fun and learn a lot in optimizing your website to get onto the first page of search engine results.

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