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Lawyers: How to Stand Out from Your Competitors on Social Media 

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In the digital age, social media seems to be the bread and butter of marketing. Every company is scaling down on traditional marketing strategies and directing all efforts to social media promotion. As a lawyer, you should not hesitate to use social media to create your law firm’s awareness. This marketing method comes with a considerable number of benefits.  

Some of the social media marketing benefits you’ll be accruing include:

  • Reaching a large number of potential customers
  • Being able to target a specific client demographic
  • Free marketing on social media platforms
  • Promoting your law business all-over the world
  • Reaching your customers both day and at night
  • Engaging with your clients quickly and easily. 

However, it is crucial to understand that every other law firm uses social media to attract new clients. You need to do something different to stand in the large pool of lawyers by seeking a competitive edge. 

We will discuss some of the techniques you can use to stand out from your competitors on social platforms. 

Post Video Messages 

Over the last few years, videos on social media platforms have gathered steam, with many multinational organizations currently using video content to market their products. As a lawyer, you should start posting videos on your social media platforms to educate potential clients about your services. 

Social media-friendly videos should deliver a comprehensive message in a short span compared to texts, which can be very long but deliver a concise message. Trends indicate that many social media users are more attracted to visuals than plain text. 

Optimize Your Content 

You don’t just post on social platforms and expect millions of people to view, read, and react to your content. Without optimization, your social media marketing posts will only reach a limited number of people, which may not positively impact your organization. 

You need to optimize your content through the right keywords. Adhering to optimization strategies such as bullet points, short paragraphs, and visuals in your content will rank you above others, which can draw much-needed traffic to your practice. 

Use the Right Channels 

As a lawyer, you must make use of the right social media channels to market your organization. Some of the common social media channels include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. 

Using one of these channels does not mean that you can neglect other channels. However, you have to determine the channel that has the most extensive following. This is the area where you will direct much of your marketing efforts while maintaining a passive presence on other social channels. This approach is an innovative method of consolidating your base for maximum positive outcomes. 

Provide Engaging Content 

As stated earlier, hundreds of lawyers are trying to get attention from the millions of social media users. To be the best, you need to produce engaging content to attract and maintain a huge following. 

Your followers want to see the benefits of sticking with you. They need to learn something new from every post you make. To attain this, you need to choose an area of interest and establish authority. For example, you can choose to be a motor vehicle accident attorney and build a strong following in this practice area. 

Work with Social Media Experts 

As a legal expert, you need to concentrate on representing your clients and leave your social media activities to the experts. Seek a reputable social media agency for lawyers to handle your social media marketing needs. With an expert managing your social media channels, you’ll easily stand out from the competition while saving precious time to focus on your existing clients.

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