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Web Security – A Walkthrough

Web Security is pretty self-explanatory. The process of keeping a website safe from hackers with malicious intent. This is the age of the internet. With everything connected online hackers can gain access to our files without authorization. Just like a home getting robbed our online information can get stolen.

So, with web security in place, the chances of getting hacked are kept to a minimum. The job of a web security professional is not easy by any means. This is because of the countless opportunities through which hackers can breach a database.

Their Obligation

Their main intention is to keep a database secure. This is achieved by various steps. Cybersecurity professionals are responsible for looking after the infrastructure of an IT company. They keep their network frameworks constantly updated. In the wake of any attack, their response is needed to mitigate the extent of damage incurred.

Why is Web Security Vital in 2021?

The move to cloud-based services

Companies are turning to cloud services more than ever. Courtesy of the pandemic. This has resulted in the targeted attacks towards cloud-based services. Data worth millions are at stake here. If a hacker manages to gain access to any Company server, then they can make away with a fortune. So having necessary web security components in place is a must.

A lot on the line

Getting hacked is never a good feeling. But recovering from a hack is the worst. Companies often shell thousands of dollars to rebuild their framework. According to a survey by SAFEATLAST, the average expense incurred by a ransomware attack is 133,000$. A successful attack will not just compromise a company. This puts the clients, employees, and other associated people at risk. More importantly, it destroys the Company’s public image.

To maintain national harmony

Cyberwarfare is a real thing now. State-sponsored cyberattacks are very common in this age of rising political tensions. Getting into the framework of any Government organization and manipulating a few things can start a war. According to BBC News, the USA was hit by a “Sunburst hack”. The intruders almost went through all the defenses in order to gain access to Nuclear Weapons. Who knows what will happen with nuclear weapons in the wrong hands.

Web Security Trends for 2021

1. More digital users equal more cyber attacks

The world we are living in right now will not bid farewell to COVID any time soon. This has urged many companies to ask their employees to Work From Home. These people who are not protected by the company firewall anymore are an easy pick for hackers. This opens the door for many potential breaches in security.

2. VPNs Will Play a Significant Role

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People can argue about how VPN is an archaic technology. It has no place in today’s world. But they occupy the main part of IT professionals looking for a secure connection. Companies allocate VPNs to their employees working from home for better tethering. So this is another area hackers are laying their eyes upon. Cybersecurity professionals should keep a tab on this development.

3. Phones have a target on their back

Mobile banking is growing faster than Chinese bamboo. This is because of their ease of access and convenience. But hackers can also benefit from this. Our phone is the storage for personal photos, banking details, and important passwords. So more cyber attacks on mobile phones can be expected this year.

4. Automobiles are no exception

The dawn of electric cars has spawned new avenues for hackers. Vehicles like Tesla are always connected to the internet. It is only a matter of time before they become the victim of cyberattacks. The automated nature of vehicles is to facilitate a better driving experience. They can be turned into dangerous weapons.

5. AI’s involvement in cyberattacks

With AI developing at an unprecedented rate and the things they are capable of, in the wrong hands, they have catastrophic outcomes. This is the year of the aforementioned catastrophe. Hackers are programming AI with the sole intention of breaking down security protocols. With the aid of AI, hackers can launch “stealth attacks” which are the worst. Attackers can enter or exit a system without the knowledge of IT. The 2018 attack on Task Rabbit which compromised data of 3.7 million users is one example of this attack.

6. Increased Insider Attacks

The number of insider attacks is rising with such velocity that will reach a record high this year. Studies from ID Watchdog show a mind-wobbling 60% of all cyber-attacks are insider jobs. People holding a high position in a company can abuse their privilege. They leak sensitive data to their rivals in exchange for money.

Ways to Combat Cybersecurity compromises

A strong password

An average person has 70-80 passwords, which is a lot. This is why having a password that cannot be easily bypassed is important. Using our name or pet’s name is more likely to get hacked. Usage of underscore and special characters while creating is a password will minimize the chances of a data breach.

Fighting Hackers with artificial intelligence

What is a better way to counter cybercriminals employing artificial intelligence? Using artificial intelligence ourselves. With their development and integration in our lives every day, we should only embrace them to fight as our allies. Fighting cyber attacks with artificial intelligence may sound like a Terminator movie. But they are our only bets in stopping the breaches. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help IT to monitor their systems and get notified of any anomalies.

Getting the most out of a proxy

Having an extra layer of security never hurts anyone. This is imperative in the digital world. Proxies excel in this area. They help people connect anonymously to the internet. They also help in balancing traffic all the while providing better connection speeds. The time when Work From Home is everywhere, people can make use of a residential proxy to stay safe from attackers with evil intentions.

Final Thoughts 

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Web security is a thing everyone should be aware of. With the internet running our homes and readily available in our pockets, it is our duty to make sure it stays free from cyber attacks. Simply following the basics and avoiding messages that look suspicious will make a whole lot of difference.

Author Bio: Dan Martin has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.

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