Latest Trends At The 2018 New York International Auto Show

New York International Auto Show

Latest Trends At The 2018 New York International Auto Show

The 2018 New York International Auto Show has recently ended. While looking at the latest cars coming off the assembly line along with some cool classic cars and concept vehicles, the event showcased some of the latest new trends and technology set to take the industry by storm. Here’s a look at some of them.

Autonomous vehicles

While self-driving cars are out there and attracting a lot of publicity, the New York International Auto Show made it clear we’ve still got a long way to go until they are in every driveway. One of the reasons for this is due to the high ticket price of these vehicles. It’s estimated that the technology will add between $7,000 to $10,000 to the vehicle in 2025.

Still, many cars, like the Cadillac CT6, showcased some semi-autonomous features that will soon be available to all of us. For the CT6 it was “Super Cruise” a whole new type of cruise control that has mapped all 130,000+ miles of highways in the US and Canada.

The company says it will keep the car in the center of the lane within four inches of accuracy at all times. This doesn’t mean you can set it and forget it though. The system points a camera at the driver’s face to ensure they are paying attention to the road. If you aren’t, it will warn you with visual and audio alerts and haptic feedback in your seat. Ignore it, and OnStar will call. If that’s also ignored, the car will come to a stop and call for help.


The infotainment center in the front console can provide weather, news, music and more. GM wants to make it easy for drivers to get updates or add new features to their infotainment center, so they’ve added the GM Marketplace. It’s an app store for your car. For example, you can grab the Dunkin Donuts app, which will allow you to place an order while you’re on the way to the shop. Or the Shell app, which lets you buy gas without having to go inside the station.

The pickings are a bit slim now, but GM says they are working on adding more apps for things like making dinner reservations from your car and finding out which nearby stores have sales.

Auto technology is ever-changing, and new breakthroughs and innovations are happening each day to make driving the kind of experience our grandparents couldn’t have even dreamed about! Autonomous cars, cars that will make reservations or order coffee for you, who could have imagined these things even 10 years ago? Remember though, that all this new technology is meant to help, not distract, so always keep your eyes on the road.

Author: Sally Phillips

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