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KlikR, A New Player In The IoT


How many remote controls do you have in your home?  I counted 12 at our house.  That’s 12 pieces of archaic outdated bulky but needed pieces of tech we need in order to operate our IR controlled tech toys.  Needless to say keeping track of all these clickers is frustrating at the very least.  KlikRnext has a solution in the form of a coin-size device that you can attach to or place next to your IR controlled electronic devices. It basically turns your iPhone into the control center for all of your old IR devices.


Antoine, KlikRnext’s 20-year-old inventor says, “You stick it, you teach it, you click it and that’s it”.  Once this is done, any member of the household can control any number of devices from their smartphone from a single application dashboard.

KlikR changes the way we interact with our most common technology devices.  You can teach it using KlikR’s database or manually using your device’s remote control. It comes with advanced features, such as smart pausing and muting your TV when you receive a phone call and provides voice control for your devices essential commands. You can also organize your devices by room, share your setup with a QR code, and save your devices to the cloud.  It has a range of 30 feet (10 meters) whereas traditional remotes are workable within 15 feet (five meters).

KlikR uses low energy Bluetooth 4.0, dimensions are 32mm X 32, mm X 9.5 mm, it weighs 10 grams, battery life is about 6 months or 100 clicks per day.  It operates within 33KHz – 56KHz in the IR spectrum. It requires iOS 7.0 + or Android 4.4 +.

KlikRnext enjoyed a very successful KickStarter campaign where they exceeded their goal by 235%.  They will be represented at CES 2016.

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