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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas: 12 Amazing Design Trends in 2021

Kitchen remodel

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), invented by the 34th President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower, remodeling your kitchen comes with undeniable benefits worth considering. Some of those benefits include increasing the value of your home, saving time and increasing your efficiency when preparing and serving meals, and increasing storage spaces. However, while the Association helps you find exceptional remodeling guidelines and tips, things have changed since 1935 hence the need to implement new remodeling ideas based on today’s technological life transformations.

The Amazing Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and Design Trends of 2021

Years ago, all About Kitchens was unnoticed, hidden places, mainly at the back of your house. It was a place you and your family enjoyed preparing meals and a center for dirty utensils.  Fast forward to 2021, your kitchen and those of others have become home’s focal points. It’s where you bring everyone together at the start and end of the day. Thus, implementing the following design and décor trends will help you incorporate your style and home aesthetics beyond expectations. 

Kitchen Backsplashes

2021 came with backsplashes you can seamlessly utilize to incorporate your décor and design styles inside your kitchen and bathroom. Backlashes are easy to install canvas that brings your decoration dreams to life by arranging colorful ceramics and glass mosaic tiles. Typically, a new kitchen backsplash helps you transform the entire look of your kitchen into a decent place family and guests wouldn’t help but love.


Kitchen cabinets like the custom and ready-to-install models foster the ability to personalize your kitchen easily, increasing its lifespan and more. When using cabinets to revamp your kitchen, go for those that focus on refining the look and feel of your kitchen, especially ones with hinges.

Hardwood Kitchen Floors

While remodeling your kitchen, 2021 trends looked at ideas that also save you time and money, thus innovating hardwood kitchen floors took the lead. Hardwood is the trending kitchen flooring idea to adapt and prevent adverse effects of kitchen temperature and humidity changes.

Installing a Kitchen Island

Today, kitchen islands have become icons in the modern kitchen world. Almost every modern kitchen utilizes an enchanting island, especially if you’re fascinated about making your kitchen a place for gathering around to relax, entertain, cook, and enjoy family and guests’ company. Despite the size of your kitchen, an island will always make it look comprehensively impressive especially considering using materials like granite and marble for their durability.

Luxurious Appliances

 In 2021, you’ll enjoy having a trendy kitchen design looking impressive if you consider changing your old appliances into the new luxurious trending ones from accomplished brands like Viking and Miele. These trending appliances come designed with alluring décor styles you can seamlessly incorporate with your kitchen aesthetics.  Consider purchasing trending appliances like ovens, toasters, and more.

Open Kitchen Shelves

In 2021, designing your kitchen considering the trendy ideas involves opening up your cutlery for guests and family, unlike previously where you would hide it. Open shelving helps you leave out for people to identify your style, especially if you mix cutlery with attractive colors. You can decide to install white shelves, especially if you’re interested in mimicking the design of the kitchen with your white wallpaper or paint.

Install Honed Granite Kitchen Countertops

This trending idea is about embracing honed granite kitchen countertops against the typical white oak cabinets. If you’ve got a contemporary kitchen, you can consider granite and decorating it with a honed finish instead of the standard polished décor.

Use Single-Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are used predominantly for their aesthetically pleasing nature, making your kitchen look exceptionally impressive from historical designs and styles. Likewise, you can use single-marble countertops despite the theme of your decorations and more.

Embrace Beautiful Kitchen Lights

Decorating lights like the Christmas star lights and mini lights are also excellent options for the decoration of your kitchen, especially when you’re fascinated about creating a Halloween appearance for guests and family. Combining colors to create themes helps you incorporate every style you desire. 

Changing Your Kitchen and Cabinet Doors

Renovating your entire kitchen with new doors from the entrance to cabinets gives you chances to add beauty based on color combinations, changes in themes, and lighting, especially if you’ll use colors mimicking your house paint.


Since you’ll be fascinated about giving your kitchen a completely trendy –look, you’ll want to repaint with new color combinations incorporating new styles and ideas like updating paint on doorknobs, cabinets, pullouts, and appliances.

Changing Your Kitchen Hardware

Silver is the trending kitchen hardware color taking the world by storm in 2021. Utilize it, especially if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen into a space you wish to be stylish but affordable.

Revamping and remodeling your kitchen based on trending ideas and designs can be exceptionally beneficial, especially if you’re looking to sell your home or make it an inviting space for family and guests. However, while you’ll come across many options, the above are the most trending ideas for 2021 you can implement.

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