Kitchen Cabinet Styles: Which Is Best For You?

Kitchen Cabinets

During kitchen remodeling or renovations, one of the first things to consider is the type of kitchen cabinet to install. Choosing the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen is an important decision that requires an in-depth analysis of your kitchen needs. For guidance on the type of kitchen cabinet to choose, you can always consult home remodeling experts like the All Bay Builders. They can help you select the most fitting cabinet for your kitchen. 

Picking The Right Cabinetry

Picking the right cabinetry for your kitchen can be exciting. Yet, it can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed at this stage. This is because there are several cabinet styles, finishes, materials, and variations to consider. 

The Best Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The style of kitchen cabinet you choose to install is dependent on the types of functionality you desire to prioritize. This is why you must first figure out what you want to achieve with your kitchen before any installation is done. If you are the type who loves a big kitchen, you might want to choose a kitchen cabinet style with a lot of rooms and free empty spaces. Suppose you are the type who prioritizes functionality over space; you may have to go for a cabinet with a lot of sections. 

To get the most out of your kitchen space and install the perfect cabinet style for your kitchen, it’s always best to hire a professional cabinet designing and installation team. However, if you prefer to select a kitchen cabinet yourself, here are some of the best cabinet styles to pick from.

Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker cabinetry is one of the oldest and best kitchen cabinet styles to choose from. This kitchen cabinet style is a popular choice for many homeowners, and you will likely find it in most old houses across the country. Despite being an old kitchen cabinet style, the Shaker cabinet still fits perfectly with most modern styles available. For homeowners that want a classic kitchen cabinet look with a touch of the modern minimalist movement look, Shaker cabinetry is the right choice.

Raised Panel Cabinets

At first glance, this cabinet style may appear similar to the Shaker style cabinets, but they are quite different. The Raised panel cabinet style has a slightly more traditional look when compared to the shaker style. Irrespective of their traditional appearance, they still look great and fit well in a modern setting. Raised panel cabinets are amazing kitchen cabinet styles that fit perfectly in a classic kitchen setting. 

Flat-Front Cabinets

The Flat-front cabinet style is a modern cabinet style that fits perfectly in most kitchens. This cabinet style is designed to give the kitchen a modern minimalist look. They are easy to paint—so switching colors is never a problem. They are also easy to clean or maintain and would fit in perfectly as a pairing for any contemporary kitchen.

Beadboard Cabinets

As a homeowner, if you want a kitchen cabinet style that offers a detailed and textured look, then the Beadboard cabinetry style is the best option for you. This kitchen cabinet style is quite the opposite of what a minimal and sleek kitchen cabinet looks like. 

The downside of the Beadboard cabinetry style is that it’s difficult to clean, but it makes up for this by producing a stunning finished look.

Distressed Cabinets

The Distressed cabinet is actually not a cabinet style but a type of cabinet finish. It is commonly used in the kitchen and gives off a unique and classic style of cabinetry. It can be paired with any other kitchen cabinet style to give off a more exquisite look in the kitchen. However, it doesn’t fit well with modern kitchen styles; therefore, it’s only best for the classic and traditional kitchen.

Which Kitchen Cabinet Style Is Best For You?

In essence, the best kitchen cabinet style for you depends on your budget, the style that piques your interest, the design of your kitchen, and the space available in the kitchen. This decision can only be made by you and with the help of a professional. 

For help when deciding on the best kitchen cabinet style for you, you should look up different kitchen cabinet styles to see which suits your needs the most. If you are having trouble deciding this, you can consult a kitchen cabinet professional or a home remodeling expert for help. 

In some rare cases, a kitchen cabinet maker can even provide you with a visual representation of what your kitchen will look like with each cabinet style. 

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