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Highlights Of WWDC 2017 Keynote


WWDC 2017 Keynote

Tim Cook announced that this was going to be the biggest and best WWDC ever. Judging the keynote alone,  I would have to agree.  Unlike past Apple keynotes, this one hit the ground running.  There was so much to cover with software updates and hardware upgrades, new hardware, and technologies that the usual year in review was passed over and Apple got right down to business.

The keynote did start with some levity with a cool video named APOCALYPSE. A new clueless employee unplugs the entire Apple ecosystem. Disaster follows along with lots of laughs. This was an expensive piece of film with car crashes, explosions and more. This may be a preview of things to come as far as Apple created video content. Check it out.

This is a developer event so Tim Cook was sure to mention the 60 million registered developers and the 5300 developers in attendance at WWDC. He also said this year saw the most student developers in at WWDC. The youngest being a young boy of 10 years named Yuma who started coding at the age of six.  What’s amazing about this is that this young man currently has five apps in the App Store.  What a wonderful accomplishment for a young mind. On the other side of age, is Masako Wakamiya who at 82 years old published her first app this year. This only goes to show that App development is an attainable goal for anyone, especially with the Swift coding language.  Surprisingly, Swift was not mentioned at the keynote but will undoubtedly be covered in one of the events later in the week.

Software is the focus of WWDC and the spotlight was on the Apple platforms that run their hardware. tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and iOS. There were six major announcements with the first being tvOS.


The TV App now has 50 partners integrated into the TV App was the first announcement. Tim went on to tells us what we were expecting to hear. Amazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV later this year.


Apple Watch has had significant growth and customer satisfaction is high. The watchOS has had major changes and is now at version 4.  We will cover this in more depth later in the week.


Next was macOS which is now known as “macOS High Sierra”.  This version is all about deep technology.  Safari has received some cool new features which we will cover in more detail in an upcoming article. In Mail, we have improvements to search, split view.  Photos have a number of advances as well.  Editing, improved search.  The new Apple File System is now incorporated in High Sierra. It is incredibly fast as demonstrated.  Video improvements now include H.265 standard built in.  Improvements in graphics with Metal 2. Metal for VR.  That’s right Apple is getting serious about VR. 

New Macs

The iMac is getting an upgrade that makes more improvements to the display, with 10-bit dithering and 500 mins.  Memory upgrades for the iMacs and a lot more.  A new iMac Pro was announced as well. We will cover the new Macs in more depth.  Upgrade to the MacBooks was also announced.


iOS 11 was introduced and it is magnificent. Messages have been redesigned. Messages are now saved to iCloud so they are sync to all your devices with end-to-end encryption.  Person-to-person payments for ApplePay which is integrated into Messages. Improvements to SIRI with machine learning so she now can anticipate what you need.  The camera was next with improvements to photo format and a lot more.  Photos use machine learning to create events of related photos. 

Control Center is on a single page with greater depth to the controls using 3D Touch. Edit live photo and capture a single frame in a Live Photo, looping and bouncing and long exposure has been added as well. Maps now include directories for malls and airports.  HomeKit, with support for multi-room speakers with support for AirPlay 2. Apple Music has been updated as well.  New APIs have also been added. AR or Augment Reality is added with ARKit bringing AR to iOS. The App Store has gotten a makeover. There is a lot packed into iOS11 so we will cover this in more detail as well.


The new 10.5 inch iPad Pro was introduced.  This is something I personally have been waiting for.  Improved performance and a lot more.  We will cover the new iPad Pro in a separate article later this week. A larger screen, improved displays, faster processing, new smart keyboard and a whole lot more.

Home Pod

Glad I no longer have to refer to this as Apple Speaker or Siri Speaker or Apple’s Smart Speaker.  The official name for this new Apple product is Home Pod. 

This keynote was one of the best I’ve seen in that there was so much to see and learn about.  We will be covering more of the event throughout the week so come back and visit us.

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