KeyCalc Keyboard & Widget Lets You Use A Calculator In Any App

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Following Apple’s announcement about introducing third-party keyboards in iOS 8 app developers have come out with app after app to provide users with more utility in a keyboard. Some keyboards provide predictive typing while others save templates. Keyboard Calculator or KeyCalc is an app with a similar promise. As the name suggests KeyCalc gives users access to a keyboard specifically for a calculator.

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Why on earth would you need a separate keyboard app for a calculator you ask? Well, the idea is to give iOS users a calculator that opens inside any other application. Consider the following example, you are texting someone and you need to do a quick calculation. Instead of going through the hassle of opening a calculator app, doing the calculation and navigating back to your messenger app you could just open KeyCalc and save yourself all the trouble. Just open a KeyCalc like you would any other third-party keyboard, by tapping the globe button. Punch in the numbers and calculate away. Finally, copy and paste (or type) the answer into your text.

KeyCalc includes a third-party calculator keyboard and a calculator widget. You can use the keyboard calculator inside any app and it opens up like ‘keyboard apps’ do. The calculator widget allows you to calculate without leaving the app you are using displaying the answer on your screen in the same app. The calculator is a full four function one that would be enough to meet most user’s needs. For larger more complex operations you can always get other calculator apps.

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Granted that KeyCalc won’t be the most used app in your iOS device it still is a neat little tool that you could find a need for. You can get KeyCalc here [iTunes App Store] for only $0.99. The developer has obviously put some thought in to create an app to address a very specific problem. Hopefully we can see another app by him to cater to some other inconvenience we have that we are not aware of yet.

What do you guys think about it would you use KeyCalc? Let us know in the comments below.

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