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Key Features Of macOS 10.15 Catalina That Make It A Must Buy

macOS 10.15 Catalina, Key Features Of macOS, parental control, Voice Control, Advanced Reminders

Apple is known for releasing the better version of its products, but contrary to its practices, the macOS 10.15 Catalina is a complete change. The product is one of the best offerings from Apple so far with modulating changes in both applications as well as inbuilt features. The macOS 10.15 is loaded with many new applications and other advanced apps and is believed to have a smooth and better user-interface. Most of the apps that you will download will have a stunning UI when it comes to macOS operating them. Some of the best slots games run so smoothly that it feels like you’re actually in the game. In general, the experience on this OS is more than amazing and here are the key highlights of the new release.

No more iTunes

Yes, Apple has discarded its iTunes app and instead given the place to independent apps like Music, TV & Podcasts. If you miss the iOS device syncing feature of iTunes, it can be found under the sidebar in Finder windows.

Advanced Reminders, Notes, and photos

While iPhone users significantly relied on Siri for reminding them of important tasks, Apple now has come up with a better version of its Reminders app. The new Reminder app in Catalina has an enhanced user interface that allows users to create to-do lists add attachments, add time, location, date and time with a click of a button as well as create a smart list from multiple lists.

The Notes preview has also changed and you now see a thumbnail preview. You can also share the notes or entire folders with others while keeping it as a ‘read-only file’.

The photos too are arranged in Years, Months, Days hierarchy and appear in different sized thumbnails to offer priority to the important picture.

Find new parental control

The screen time pane has been integrated with Mac and you can now ensure that you have limited screen time. Screen Time pane of System Preferences offers you control of when and when not to use the device. Also, you can explore a range of content and privacy controls.

Voice Control your Mac

You can find Voice Control settings in System Preferences > Accessibility > Voice Control and give it a try. You will love this feature as it allows you to control the device with just your voice commands.

More security and Privacy

The Mac comes with advanced privacy and security features including operating system running in a dedicated read-only system volume and notarizing all the apps that you download.

These are the key features of macOS 10.15 Catalina that make it a wise buy. If you are planning to buy a Mac soon, this would be the right investment.

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