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Key Connected Car Technologies Gearing Up to Make Driving Safer

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Around 125 million vehicles are expected to be connected by 2022 using the 5G communication network. The number of connected cars is growing at a phenomenal rate due to technological advancements and partly due to government regulations that dictate vehicles should be connected for safety purposes. For drivers, a car with connectivity offers valuable information such as fuel consumption, servicing, and even potential faults in the vehicle that may compromise safety. It also saves time, increases productivity, and reduces vehicle costs.

Pirelli’s ‘Cyber Tire’ to Update Drivers of Road Condition

The tire is a vital part of a vehicle supporting a load and defining, changing, or maintaining its direction. Tire manufacturer Pirelli has come up with a smart tire fitted with sensors that can communicate through the 5G system of communication networks. In cooperation with Ericsson, Tim, KTH, Audi, and Ericsson, the company conducted a demonstration in Turin, Italy of the concept using two vehicles. The first car was driven over an area with accumulated water, causing it to hydroplane temporarily. The sensors detected the condition and communicated the data to the network which, in turn, forwarded the information to other connected vehicles. Due to this valuable information, the driver of the second car adjusted their driving based on surface conditions. 

In addition to hazardous road conditions, Pirelli’s Cyber Tire will also supply the car with vital data such as miles driven and dynamic load. Another promising product of Pirelli is the ‘Track Adrenaline line, ‘a collection of P Zero Trofeo tires able to monitor tire pressure and temperature. Using telemetry, drivers will be provided with suggestions to improve tire traction performance.

Over-the-Air Updates Provide Valuable Information

Remote updates to your vehicle save time when you don’t have to stop at your local mechanic or garage when the check engine light in your car switches on. Thanks to constant connectivity, manufacturers can provide tech and safety updates, and even recall information without ever needing to go to a dealership. Vehicle maintenance can be improved and even be a breeze when the software is updated remotely.

Some brands of cars that offer over-the-air software updates include Tesla, Audi, Volvo, and Ford. Upscale brand BMW has also joined the bandwagon introducing the wireless service to some models. All vehicles equipped with the Operating System 7.0 can benefit from remote software upgrades including the ‘Intelligent Personal Assistant’, active cruise control, and side collision protection.

Connected cars are gearing up to make daily driving comfortable and most importantly, safer for everyone on the road.

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