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Keep Fitness in Focus with the Top Health Apps

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In a world where focusing on your wellbeing becomes secondary and the arduous routine tasks are your main priority, you forget to pay heed to both your mental and physical welfare. We have many advancements to thank for in today’s digital age but mobile apps have begun to encompass every necessity you could possibly think of. Now whenever you feel fatigued, you have apps for relaxing, exercising, running, eating healthy, and even meditating at your ease.

The only effort required from your end is motivation, drive, and focus to fixate on your journey to healthy living, eating, and mental comfort. Since apps require internet connectivity, you can consider opting for Xfinity internet before embarking on your path to a healthy and fit lifestyle. We have jotted down some reliable apps that reflect the same so you don’t end up spending your time searching for apps.

1. Fitplan

Properly planning your workout routine is a must. You simply cannot go in blind. But when you do try to plan, you end up finding exercises that involve a professional instructor or a planner’s help. The expensive fees of the trainers cannot be afforded by everyone. Fitplan saves you from the dilemma of investing heaps of money into simple or challenging exercises. Each video features professional athletes, coaches, and trainers who step-by-step guide you through your weight loss journey. If you want to take action now, you can also read this post here about losing upper belly fat.

2. HealthTap

With a single tap, you can know and solve all your fitness problems at once. At times, getting the right answers to all your health concerns by going to the local doctor seems unfeasible. It’s not only heavy on your wallet but also the need to make constant visits for a small tooth or headache can surely be a hassle. HealthTap is the ultimate replacement for every small health issue that surfaces in your life. The app is free and has a database of doctors who will answer you in real-time. Simply chat with the connected doctor, share your symptoms and get the relevant diagnosis right away.

3. Aaptiv

Aaptiv aims to help you burn unwanted calories as quickly as you can. The app offers 30 classes weekly that focuses on varying workout routines. You can find one that gives you ease, ranging from beginner to advanced level exercises. The exercises won’t confine you to a single routine so you can get a taste of everything. If you alone aren’t motivated enough to carry out a workout session alone, the app has a dedicated category of group challenges. You can enroll in one and view the workouts falling under the category, the duration, and the personalized fitness options in each challenge.

4. MyFitnessPal

Make fitness your pal with one of the widely used fitness apps around. MyFitnessPal does a lot than help you lose weight by working out solely rather it tries to fix your diet routine in the long run. Basically, it lets you maintain a detailed food diary where you can keep track of your eating habits, binge eating or any other unhealthy food consumption routine you cannot get rid of. The app will streamline your food intake in a diary and give you info regarding healthy eating. The director ranges from quick and easy recipes to the nutrients present in everything you daily consume. 

5. Fooducate

A pun with the words food + educate, the app Fooducate lets you acquire all the ways one can sustain and follow out a balanced lifestyle. The adversities of ensuing an unhealthy diet should have light shed upon but it’s not an easy endeavor to eat healthy by fully controlling your entices and urges to binge eating the night away. However, the app’s aim is to not help you prepare a healthy meal but give you all the essential details about each product you would buy at your local grocery shop. The app currently holds a directory of 250,000 barcodes, which you can scan and view a thorough summary of the nutrients, calories, consumption, and alternatives of the food products. 

6. 8fit

The fitness spectrum in today’s time is highly dominated and impacted by the customization of plans. If a certain routine or diet works for someone, it doesn’t imply it would work for you either. In the era of personalization, 8fit fits right into the picture. Why pay the weighty fees of gyms when you can skip it and resort to 8fit? Well, the aim of the app is to help gym enthusiasts and health-conscious people to deviate from physical gyms and memberships. The app has not only presented an explanation of each workout routine but even has snippets of how to perform that exercise.

7. SleepCycle

It’s great to have an app that emphases on far important aspects of health solely than your physical fitness. An uneven sleep cycle has adverse effects on your health, without you even realizing it. But when you do realize it, it’s too late. Waking up with a relaxed mind is the key to healthy living. A night’s sleep full of peace can do wonders for both your mental and physical wellbeing. The app does more than analyze and store your sleep cycles. It features an intelligent alarm clock that wakes you up not when you aren’t heavily sleeping. It wakes you up only when you are in light sleep.

8. Keelo

HIIT workouts are quick but also quick at burning calories. HIIT is a one-hit-wonder for full-body workouts and no, you won’t require a coach to streamline your workout routine for you, the app Keelo will. Strength HIIT workouts work like a charm and Keelo is a full-fledged functional fitness training app with every routine and session curated specifically for your needs. You can create a detailed workout plan for a whole month or you can choose varying plans for every day, whatever suits you best.

9. Sworkit

Remember the time you swore to yourself to exercise and never did it?  Guess you have been caught red-handed but we understand you didn’t do it willingly. Maybe the irrationality of procrastinating stopped you from following the daily workout plans you made on every new year’s resolution list. Well, to incorporate a new habit in your life, whether it is clean eating or a fitness workout plan, can be taxing as change always makes us the most comfortable. Sworkit app is there to give a middle ground in your exercise dilemma and filling the void of motivation. So, if by chance, you find yourself binge eating on the festive seasons on Netflix, you can use the app to target a few minutes of your time and workout right away, be it for 5 minutes or lesser.

10. Headspace

Headspace is not an app that is directly related to fitness and working out but can help you with meditation exercises if ever facing a stressful day. It’s a sole meditation app that clearly concentrates on mindfulness exercises. After a tiring and hectic day at work, we end up wanting to relax and get over the things that bother us. When the hassling thoughts do not leave our side, we have no choice but to fall into a gloomy abyss. Some meditation courses are short while some sessions even last 30-minutes. You can choose a befitting plan and meditate away until you feel mentally happy and fit.

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