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Justification Of The Usefulness Of Internet Marketing Technology For Students

Usefulness Of Internet Marketing Technology For Students, internet marketing by students, marketing of the future, anywhere in the world, Marketing Technology

Internet Marketing Tech For Students

Information technology covers all areas of our life. Marketing is no exception. The rapid development of devices and free access to the Internet from anywhere in the world are the main factors influencing the formation of future marketing trends and are a hot topic at the current stage.

The Internet today is one of the topical tools for attracting new customers and maintaining customer loyalty. Therefore, the discipline of Internet marketing is focused on the development of competencies in the field of product promotion in the online segment, e-commerce management, and the creation of corporate websites. All this already justifies the need to study the technology of Internet marketing by future specialists. However, let’s understand in more detail the relevance of studying Internet marketing by students along with Pro-Papers experts.

What is internet marketing? Sounds like a tautology, but internet marketing is online marketing. In this case, the Internet is considered as a separate super-world market with its own specifics. Let us dwell on some main features of online marketing.

First of all, marketing on the Internet has a high degree of personalization. If traditional marketing is aimed at the mass consumer, then on the Internet, everyone’s opinion is taken into account (to a certain extent) and interaction takes place with everyone. In other words, promotion on the Internet is aimed at winning single customers. Also, the availability of personal information allows for clear targeting in advertising campaigns. Secondly, Internet marketing is interactive: customers are actively involved in many business processes. This may include participation in surveys, the formation of the reputation of the company, attracting new customers and the like. In addition, customers can perform some important tasks, such as placing orders, ordering calls and contacting online consultants through the company’s established Internet service.

Internet marketing is distinguished by a huge amount of information that is not available offline. For example, on the Internet with a high degree of accuracy you can assess the effectiveness of advertising, the number of visitors, the interests that led them to the site, receive extensive feedback, successfully conduct competitive intelligence and so on. In particular, marketing experiments (for example, the approbation of a new advertising campaign or products) on the Internet require less cost and money and time than offline. This is why internet marketing can rightly be considered the marketing of the future.

Marketing of the future is based on the fact that the means of innovative technologies are central to the seller-buyer interaction. Internet marketing is a set of marketing tools that help to attract new customers and keep old ones. In terms of tools and channels of promotion, internet marketing is very similar to the Digital Market.

A huge advantage of the tools that they use is accessibility – almost everyone can make a website or start managing their business page on social networks, but the first problems of Internet marketing are immediately apparent.

Internet marketing is a set of measures in the Internet environment that promote business development. In other words, this is any marketing activity that is implemented on the Internet. It should be noted that this concept can be an integral part of classical marketing or used independently.

Tasks that are solved through the tools of Internet marketing are:

  • Increase in sales due to the synergistic effect;
  • Optimization of advertising costs for attracting customers;
  • Growing awareness of the company’s products and services;
  • Attracting the target audience to the site of the company;
  • Increasing the loyalty of existing customers;
  • Advertising and informational support new products entering the market;
  • Selection of channels for disseminating information, taking into account the characteristics of the target audience.

Internet marketing has several special advantages:

  • A potential client can quickly see information about the service goods;
  • Helps to save the advertising budget;
  • Expands the boundaries – you can manage the process from anywhere in the world;
  • More accessible and time-consuming advertising channels; the ability to advertise only to the target audience – targeting;
  • Detailed statistics, conversion tracking, CTR, ROI, and other indicators.

The future undoubtedly belongs to internet marketing, although it is still difficult to predict how actively it will be evolved because every day there are a lot of new applications, sites, and services that can suddenly change everything and set the new vector of development. Nevertheless, the prospects for the development of marketing in the network are very bright. Over the past few years, mobile traffic has already exceeded computer traffic. Based on this, most companies look at brand promotion in the network in different ways. Today, many sellers no longer only have a mobile version of their site, but also offer applications for smartphones, so consumers can shop quickly. Some brands actively manage their pages on social networks, others keep in touch with customers via microblogging (Twitter) and Instagram. Advertising in social media and applications is also becoming increasingly popular.

Thus, taking into account the dynamic development of marketing technology, the transition of a large part of the market and the economy to the Internet, the study of innovative technologies of Internet marketing by students who master the basics of the specialty of marketing is becoming more and more relevant and even more necessary. Internet marketing goes hand in hand with offline business and offline marketing. The Internet is another way to expand the business and increase profits, while it is not a separate direction or a subsidiary.

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