June: Apple Campus 2 Video Update

Apple Campus 2 Video

Apple Campus 2 Video Update

This is an Apple Campus 2 video update. Yet another pair of 4K flyover video has been recorded with a drone to show the progress of Apple Campus 2. The progress reported with the help of this video seems to be very interesting and impressive.

One video has been shot by Mathew Roberts by using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone. The other has been shot by Duncan Sinfield.

The June 2016 update of the Apple Campus 2 video shows that the roof of the “Spaceship” structure is still progressing at an almost frightening pace. The exterior of the structure is also being worked on as well as the canopy and the glass and solar panel installations near completion. The videos also highlight the green and eco-friendly approach that Apple Campus will have. The videos mention that Apple Campus 2 will now have passive cooling and heating systems.

It also seems that the solar panels installation over the garages is almost completed by almost 75%. The parking lot area is huge, as it is going to hold almost 11,000 cars. The underground tunnels that will lead to these car parks have also been completed and are now being covered by dirt.

As Apple Campus 2 continues to progress we also see that within only a month’s time the cranes have also been shifted to other areas of the Campus.

The videos also mention the amphitheater which will have a roof made of carbon fiber with a weight of 80 tons. The glass fixtures, as well as the roof of the Theater, are now getting the final touches. The Theater’s portion that is situated underground is also being covered. The R & D facility seems to be making good progress and taking shape. The most surprising feature in the video is the giant mountain of dirt at the Apple Campus 2 that is proving to be very mercurial. One of the drone flights over the surface of the dirt mound which has been leveled completely.

Even more, structures are seen in the initial stages along Tantau Avenue. It seems that perhaps Apple is going to be able to make the end of 2017 completion date that Tim Cook relayed.

To see the full video by Mathew Roberts click here. To see Duncan Sinfield’s update video click here. To see previous updates on the progress of Apple Campus 2 click here and here.

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